Jamestown, ND: the newest Somali Tuula?

We learned from Khadra, a Somali commenter here at RRW, that Somalis are creating what they call Tuulas (villages) in many US cities.  Frankly she calls it an “invasion” and says that Somalis have no intention of assimilating.  You can read Khadra’s shocking discussion here and then here she was back again yesterday commenting about the situation with the growing Somali population in Southwest Kansas.  This is what she said yesterday:

I have read about what is going on in Kansas and in other small towns like Maine. Somalis will turn these small towns into a largely populated Somali town, because if Minnesota is the U.S capital of Somali people then a small town or city cannot stand a chance.

From the Jamestown Sun, where folks are trying to figure out how to “serve” the Somalis:

Traditional Muslim attire requires her to cover her face and hands, but Fatumo Aden hides her chin for other reasons. She masks the injury from the gunshot wound she suffered at 5 years old.

Aden’s story is similar to the tales of about 30 Somali refugees already living in or moving to Jamestown. They come from different clans and families, but they all seek employment, homes for their families and education for their children after living in a country torn by war for nearly 20 years.

Representatives from local agencies and businesses attended an informational session Wednesday to learn about Somali culture and how best to serve those people here.


So far, about 30 Somalis have moved here, but about 400 have applied for housing since March, said Dave Klein of the Stutsman County Housing Authority.

You can read the whole article.  I am so weary of these politically correct refugee advocates who can’t tell what is going on.

Changing the subject

I was interested in the Jamestown story’s discussion of the fact that Somali women must cover up from head to toe.

In Fargo, for example, employers allowed for prayer time during the business day. Muslims are required to pray five times a day and one of them is at about 1:30 p.m. Also, employers allowed for long gloves and other uniform adjustments at businesses where loose clothing like shawls and headdresses could pose a hazard. Muslim women are required to cover most of their body including wrists and ankles.

Some time ago I wrote a couple of posts on very high rates of autism in the Somali population in Minnesota and in Sweden.  The Minnesota Somali children were costing the school system enormous sums of taxpayer money.  Of course the Somalis were blaming it on America and the fact that they had to get their kids vaccinated.  I hypothesized that it was about genetics and about the SUN!

Now comes word that a Swedish study thinks it’s a lack of Vitamin D from mothers not getting enough sun!  Of course the politically correct don’t mention that these women are covered from head to toe!  North Dakota and Maine will be next with the problem if they don’t already have it!

A study from Sweden has reported that Somali immigrants in Stockholm experience three to four times more cases of autism and other related disorders than non-Somalis in the same area. A similar situation exists in Minnesota, among its Somali immigrants. Autism is unknown in Somalia.

It is speculated that the problem may be that the Somali immigrants get less sun, and therefore less vitamin D, in these northern regions than they would in their own country. People with darker skin do not synthesize vitamin D as quickly as those who have lighter skin.

Enjoy the diversity, Jamestown!

Update July 3: Here is another, more detailed, article about Somalis, Autism and Vitamin D, but again no mention of the fact that in addition to living in the North the women are completely covered.

21 thoughts on “Jamestown, ND: the newest Somali Tuula?

    1. Most of the commentary on this blog is very, very disturbing, trying to promote fear, which, as we all know is the greatest producer of hatred. North Dakota was setteld by immigrants. We had whole communiies where a majority of people did not speak English…..It is not that long ago as I can remember the community of my grandparents, where everyone would speak the language of the old country and where ethnic celebrations overruled American ones. This is no different….and I fear for the efforts of those who wish to paint a picture of take over or whatever. I say, welcome to our Somali brothers and sisters. Many of them are my friends. I know of their devotion to family, children, faith and their community. Isn’t this what we want more of?


      1. north dakota was settled by northern europeans. don’t try and compare feral somali parasites to them, please.


      2. Since we’re all one big happy family and Nodakson and Narki are so accomodating and tolerant, can you help us build some Churches in Somaliland, Mogadishu and Djibouti?

        I hear that many of the Natives there are tired of being oppressed by a clan system and radical Islam and thirst for the Gospel.


        1. Some provocative comments you’ve posted, but unfortunately since they are to older posts they likely won’t be seen anytime soon….maybe read some of the newest posts and throw in your comments—you will surely stir the pot.


  1. Ann says….’Some time ago I wrote a couple of posts on very high rates of autism in the Somali population in Minnesota and in Sweden. The Minnesota Somali children were costing the school system enormous sums of taxpayer money. Of course the Somalis were blaming it on America and the fact that they had to get their kids vaccinated. I hypothesized that it was about genetics and about the SUN!’

    As a parent expecting a first grandchild I can’t help but wonder if prolonged fasting, whether by choice, or forced, also affects the long term physical, mental health of the yet to be born Muslim.



  2. Islamphobia and anti-immigrant won’t fade away!
    Immigrants will keep coming and coming until US and uk ( aka) anglo-sisters, stop invading one country after another.
    Remember Clinton ( nafta trade) guess what happened 50 million jobs lost in Latin America and central America.


  3. They see all these problems with letting these people in, and then they want to let in more?


  4. Muslims in a non muslim country is a state with in state,dont know why americans think it is going to be different in USA.Heavens help the non muslim country where there is muslim minority,Look around the world where such a scenario exists,that is the proof to convince all but those who are in state of denial.


    1. You are totally right my friend. It has been happening in Australia, where I am from, for at least a couple of decades now but we’re seemingly censored as no one dares to utter a word of protest or intolerance. God help the UK as their situation is much more dire in comparison, which is unimaginable for me as I think its pretty intolerable here in Aus.


  5. Yeah those evil Somalis are taking over our beloved country!!! Maybe Khadra has a plan about what we can do to take our country back!!


      1. Why? She wants to stay and assimilate. How would you like it if I sent 15 million Catholic Hispanics to Mogadishu to live in an isolated part of the city and build up Mexican food restaurants and statues of the Virgin Mary? And what if they would be 20% of the city’s population in 40 years and started converting Somalis and Bantus to Christianity?

        Would you be okay with that, Narki?


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