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Southern Poverty Law Center: a bunch of highly paid white people

Posted by Judy K. Warner on August 9, 2010

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is one of the most slimy radical organizations around — a fundraising machine that has to promote the illusion of a powerful Ku Klux Klan, widespread racism and other hatred throughout America in order to keep the money coming in from little old ladies.

Ann has posted on the SPLC frequently —  here’s a list of her posts.

Now a blog called Watching the Watchdogs has put up a post, SPLC–Dreaming of a White Christmas, which is getting some attention around the blogosphere. It is

A look at the top officers at the Southern Poverty Law Center as named on pages 11 and 40 of the group’s most recent IRS Form 990, and their annual compensation for 2008.

As they point out, all of these people are white. And well paid. The CEO, Richard Cohen, makes $351,648. Yes, there are heads of non-profits who make more — large non-profits that are highly active and accomplish a lot. That’s not how you’d describe SPLC, as you’ll see if you click on some of the links to other posts at the blog.  And Cohen’s is only the first of a long roll of six-figure salaries.  (Intelligence Director Mark Potok, frequently featured here at RRW, makes $143,206.) You’ve got to love Watching the Watchdogs’ comments on their findings:

It’s also curious that the world’s leading civil rights organization can’t seem to find a single minority whom they consider to be worthy of a top management position.

Funny that an organization that spends tens of thousands of donor dollars promoting “Mix It Up” Day in America’s school cafeterias seems to believe that “diversity” ends at the Boardroom door.

Some things just never seem to change much in Montgomery.

Happy New Year, SPLC, no doubt all your Christmases will continue to be white.

Hat tip: Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.

10 Responses to “Southern Poverty Law Center: a bunch of highly paid white people”

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  2. judyw said

    I’m closing this thread. You Stormfront Nazis can stop sending comments. And you can stop posting from our blog on your nasty site. We have nothing in common with you racists.


  3. judyw said

    There’s a white culture? Do the Poles, Russians, Scots, Dutch, Norwegians, etc., know about it? Do tell us what it is. And while you’re at it tell me why so many of my Jewish relatives have blond hair and blue eyes.


  4. Mike said

    The truth is that the SPLC is staffed mostly by Jews, not Caucasians. And no, Jews are not Caucasians. Jews are Semites, hence the term “anti-semitism”. They are only “white” when it suits them, at all other times the members of this organization do their best to vilify and demonize whites and their culture for fun and profit.

    Pointing out this has nothing to do with being a “jew hater


  5. judyw said

    This post sure brought out the Jew haters. Lee, do you believe Jews are not white? And Ikki, did you think I didn’t know the name Cohen is Jewish? Kaplan is my maiden name, you know.

    Jews are overrepresented in every field I can think of that calls for brains and achievement. The reasons for this are debated endlessly, but it is a fact. Unfortunately, many (including my family) are left-wing, for multiple reasons. Those like Ikki, who can’t think beyond their resentment and envy, are sure the world is run by a Jewish conspiracy. I would like to know your solution for what you perceive as a problem, Ikki. What would you like to do about the Jews? Do to them? Do tell.


  6. ikki said Please get even a basic education on things not taught in school.
    No doubt this org, like just about every other jewish org, concentrates on getting funds for their own wages.. and only ever so little occasional ads and other pressure for issues seen as benefiting jews. That is for them the main question “does this benefit jews?”, i doubt they have therefore EVER done anything to alleviate southern poverty amongst negroes by say sending checks…

    Furthermore, due to mutual backrubbing, jewish media etc.. im fairly sure that just about every group recieving good rep, is jewish at its heart. The others will simply be attacked until they cease to exist. They will NOT tolerate competition for either sympathymoney or diverse opinions.

    For further education, do check out for starters. Then there would be a TON of hour+ long videos out there, such as say “africa addio”, see google videos. Well the ball is with you now, stay ignorant or get aware of what is really going on 😉 …such as the two parties being the best of buddies, and aslong as their recommended candidates win, the people stand no chance.

    See, we all aware KNEW obama would be NO DIFFERENT from bush. Meanwhile media is filled with nonsense, like where this player will play next year (oh and how many rocks are there on the white house yard??), and then the utterly irrelevant stuff which is used to fire up people one way or the other… and will occupy the tiny brains… like gay marriage…. meanwhile hiding the fact that the USA has ceded the southernmost 80 miles of arizona to the mexican mafia.


  7. Blazing Saddles said


    Oh, please. At least make an attempt at intellectual honesty! The SPLC is a JEWISH organization. Ask any prominent white victim of anti-white racism who those people are. All the names of the SPLC employees and leaders are JEWISH. And of course there are no black people at the SPLC–Jews don’t want people of color around them unless it’s a convenient way to make real white people look bad.

    I think you should either rescind your article, or re-write it so that it is HONEST. Don’t you DARE blame white people for the SPLC. The KKK are angels compared to the SPLC. You’re just as despicable as the SPLC is. Correct your lying article. Tell the TRUTH.


  8. Lee said

    This article was bang on except for one point worth noting: The SPLC’s staff are not White. They are Jewish. The SPLC is a Jewish organization comprised of numerous high paying Jews and ZERO Black people in their hierarchy.


  9. judyw said

    Thanks, Izzy, there’s some great stuff there.


  10. Izzy said

    Judy, the latest issue of the Social Contract
    deals exclusively with these smear merchants;


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