Somali brothers rip off US taxpayers in another food stamp scam

I meant to post this awhile back but haven’t had time.  Earlier in the month Somali brothers in Michigan were indicted in yet another food stamp scam and this time were also charged with sending your tax dollars (meant to feed poor Americans) back to Africa.  I’m guessing they aren’t feeding the Somali poor but feeding the terrorists!

The feds apprehended Mohamed, but Omar escaped to Africa.

From the Grand Rapids Press:

GRAND RAPIDS — For federal officials, the sales figures at Halal Express didn’t add up.

But receipts from the Somali food and clothing store, once located at 650 28th St. SW in Wyoming, showing $126,350 in gross sales in 2006 and $141,329 of food stamps redeemed, did equal federal criminal charges against owners and brothers, Mohamed and Omar Sufi.

The government alleges the Sufis conspired to commit food stamp fraud, operate an unlicensed money transmitting business that sent money to African and Middle Eastern countries, and structured financial transactions to evade federal reporting requirements.

Indictments filed Thursday against the brothers lay out a three-year trail of deceit that ultimately led to Mohamed Sufi’s arrest this week, about two months after Omar Sufi fled to Africa.

Authorities allege the men swiped $381,467 through illegal transactions involving the Department of Agriculture’s food stamp program, court records show.

I’ve written dozens of posts on Food Stamp Scams ever since I wrote the first one in December 2007 where another Mohammad’s store was raided in my county seat.   Search RRW for ‘food stamp scams’ or ‘food stamp fraud’ for more information.  If I had known it would be such a common story—immigrant food stamp fraud—I would have made an entire category for it.

For new readers: We have admitted well over 100,000 Somali refugees to the US.   To check out the numbers  visit this post, probably our most widely read post over the last few years.

6 thoughts on “Somali brothers rip off US taxpayers in another food stamp scam

  1. Two corrupt brothers won’t have an effect on US economy, I think what they did was an awful business dealings and bad judgement.
    But there is an agenda behind this article which is to demonize the hard working Somalis who earn their money fairly.
    So let’s not jump to conclusion based on one incident!
    Asalaama aliekum.


  2. Please please please read the newspaper today. There are several articles on the front page and I’m interested in your thoughts on them!


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