Appeals Court to rule soon in Somali vote fraud case

Previously we told you about this case here and here.   The Appeals Court has heard arguments and a decision is expected before October 15th according to

KANSAS CITY — A Missouri appellate panel will rule by Oct. 15 on allegations of voter fraud in a state house district primary. The court heard oral arguments on Wednesday.

Will Royster lost by one vote to John J. Rizzo in House District 40 in August after several recounts.

In September Judge W. Stephen Nixon ruled there was not sufficient evidence about voter fraud, and the election should stand.


According to Day [Royster’s attorney] several Somali voters had been given “unlawful assistance” after not showing even a “rudimentary ability to speak English.” The Somali interpreter would not speak in English with the election judge but assisted a number of voters.

There is nothing new here!  We told you about allegations of Somali voter fraud in Minnesota during the hotly contested Franken/Coleman Senate race in 2008, here. However, the difference in Minneapolis is that one group of Somalis supporting Coleman (because Coleman promised to get family reunification opened again from Africa) was charging the Franken Somalis of voting irregularities.

One thought on “Appeals Court to rule soon in Somali vote fraud case

  1. What kind of people move to a new country and then rely of prior immigrants from that country to explain the political system and what different candidates stand for? If you have any pride, wouldn’t you want to know it for yourself? If you have any scepticism, wouldn’t you doubt that you were getting the complete story?

    I don’t even understand why you’d go to another country and bring that system/society with you. Isn’t that what THIS country will turn into if you continue? Then don’t you have to find a different place to go all over again?

    If you leave because a third-world country is corrupt and doesn’t leave enough for the people to live on, and then you come here and begin corrupting the system, don’t you see that once THIS system/society is corrupt, you’ll be in the same position?

    I don’t get it.


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