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Columbus, Ohio Somalis: we want stuff from taxpayers

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 21, 2010

Update October 27th, 2012:  Questions raised about Somalis arriving by the busload to vote in Ohio, here.

Obviously assimilating very well to the dependency culture promoted by the political Leftwing in US politics, Somali leaders in Columbus, Ohio said they supported Obama but didn’t get enough stuff yet so they are out shopping their votes to those candidates who will cater to their community’s ‘needs’ rather than for the good of  the country as a whole.   It sure sounds like they have been well-trained by the ‘victim-centered’ ideology of governance promoted by ‘community organizers’ everywhere.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

The number of Somalis who have become citizens and are registered to vote in this area might be small – perhaps 11,000, maybe less – but candidates are reaching out to the growing voting bloc.

On Friday, Democrats including Ohio auditor hopeful David Pepper and local judicial candidates visited a candidates’ forum for the Somali community.

A similar forum was held on Saturday for Republicans, including Rep. Pat Tiberi and congressional candidate Steve Stivers.

In 2008, Somalis overwhelmingly favored Barack Obama, said Hassan Omar, who leads the Somali Community Association of Ohio.

But they haven’t seen their vote pay off for them, he said. Persistent unemployment, rising dropouts among Somali students and a declining level of social services and job training continue to harm the community, Omar said.

We are shopping our votes to the highest bidder.

“We want someone doing something for the Somali community.”


Some of the issues have festered for a while. Somali leaders said youths need more after-school programs. Also, leaders said it is still too difficult to wire money home to needy family members.

More afterschool programs?  Why not have a family member watch the kids after school, surely there is someone at home—not everyone is working.  Aren’t there afterschool programs like the Boys and Girls Clubs offer in most cities, or, do they want programs funded by taxpayers specifically for Somali kids?  For older ‘youths,’ don’t high schools in the area have clubs and sports after school?   And, to readers who don’t know, the reason it’s so hard to send money to Somalia is that there is ample evidence the money goes to terrorist activities whether advertently or inadvertently.

Columbus Somali population is growing.

Estimates of the area’s Somali population have ranged from 15,000 to 80,000. Hassan Omar’s group pegs it at 45,000.

That low number(15,000) has to be incorrect if they say there are 11,000 registered Somali voters, unless there are a lot of underage voters and a lot of non-citizens voting.  But, then again we heard in Kansas City that there may be more than a few Somalis voting who are not citizens.  Come to think of it, has anyone heard if there has been a ruling in that KC vote fraud case?

For new readers: We have admitted well over 100,000 Somali refugees to the US.   To check out the numbers visit this post, probably our most widely read post over the last few years.   In FY2010 which ended September 30th the US State Department resettled 4,884 Somalis (here) to towns near you.

Also, after being closed for nearly two years, the US State Department is on the verge of resuming the fraud-ridden family reunification program that admitted as many as 36,000 Somalis fraudulently to the US between 2003 and 2008.  See the latest on new regulations, here.

26 Responses to “Columbus, Ohio Somalis: we want stuff from taxpayers”

  1. I am here because Allah says so and I think your intentions are to create “white Aryan nation and stop immigration completely.
    It is NOT gonna happen!!


  2. Irishfolks came to US for religious persecution and they also run away from their sicken diseases like cholera,swine flu,killer fever,etc.
    America welcomed them right! Why are you against new immigrants? Just think your saint Patrick worshipper parents what they went through B4 you teach us any history lesson.
    Islam is religion of peace Not what you see or hear your right wing news network of FOX.
    most Muslims don’t live in ghetto! They are doctors lawyers engineers and so forth may be you mistaken with white folks living in the rural areas in America just like you.
    Speaking of sharia law in most Muslim country are very supportive of the law. Have you visited some of the prisons in the US? I guess not cuz you been busy watching girls gone wild, have you visited abortion clinics? 3000 babies die each HOUR in the US!
    If you are thief, baby killer, fag. America is the right place to raise a family.


    • acorcoran said

      Allahsoldier, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your comments. In that last line you’ve said it all—your ‘religion of peace’ prejudice is showing. Tell me why you are here among us if we are all as you say—St. Patrick worshipers, anti-immigrant country people, thieves, baby killers and fags (your word not mine!)?


  3. american said

    No logic from those who support unlimited immigration. Um…when you compare Somalis to Irish? Well, the Irish didn’t come here with names like “CatholicWarrior” and talk about how they would be victorious. They didn’t have honor killings or want a law system that calls for lashings, stonings, and amputations. They assimilated. They did not live off working people’s tax money, They did not follow a religion that calls for killing those who don’t believe as they do.

    Shall I go on? Get the point?

    As for AllahWarrior: I think you’ll find thete are many parts of hte country where Christan Warriors live. Only a few sports in the U.S. are like Minneapolis.


    • west said

      The Irish were just as hated, derided, and suspected as Muslims are today in America. There are thousands of newspaper accounts from about 1840 – 1960 that claim the Irish (and other Catholic immigrants) were ruining the country and were not appropriate immigrants due to their religion, traditions, and the unrest in their home country. Of course, this was all ridiculous and untrue, but certainly the same prevailing belief by the native-born Americans at the time.

      Archives and historical societies are your friends, check it out.


      • acorcoran said

        West, maybe I missed it in the history books, but were the Irish saying they wanted to create a worldwide Irish caliphate? Were they behind terrorist acts in many many countries in the world? Indeed had the Irish attacked America? Did the Irish come and expect welfare (we didn’t have welfare, immigrants sank or swam on their own)? Were the Irish eager to assimilate (yes!)? Because certain immigrants succeeded in America at one time in history does not mean that for all of the centuries going forward immigrants of all cultures are good for America. Come to think of it, I’m reading about the fall of the Roman Empire right now—you might want to check it out—-seems that what was good for Rome in 50 BC wasn’t so good for Rome at 300 AD now was it?


  4. bob said

    go to mexico and do your begging,the US does not want you in our civilized country


  5. […] Migration to Maine: it's the welfare magnet, stupidCool map: Where were Burmese resettled in USColumbus, Ohio Somalis: we want stuff from taxpayersObama: Sure, we'll aim for another 80,000 refugees this fiscal yearMinnesota Council of Churches […]


  6. Arizona is the Mexicans who are causing harm to the economy , Somalis are being blamed in the election! Arabs can’t fly! Indians are sent home after their visa expired! Where is this country? All I hear is “hatred speech” blame game, baby momma story, etc.
    All you need to find job and stop the bs.


  7. Khadra said

    Both Coleman and Franken were neck and neck, and they both had Somalis pushing the votes behind the scenes. There was an article saying that 500 Somali votes were being pushed for his victory:


  8. FLAEDO said

    lf Obambi isnt a muslim hes doing a really good job of fooling everyone.
    He’s a great tricker why l bet even his mum is fooled!


  9. Mr Climelon asked: how do all Somalis get to the US? why this specific African community ? It is simple? WAR WAR and WAR in our motherland! Secondly US government supports a puppet leader who refuse to obey the law of the land which is sharia law. Third: Barack Obama likes Somali community particularly Somali culture and food. Wanna know more jusk ask!


  10. Lol@mars. She is my misguided sista just like any other teabagger who thinks Barack Obama is Muslim. I am sure in the end I will be victorious just like my hero did in late 1800 named sayid Mohamed aka the MAD MULLAH.


  11. mars said

    it would be fun to see Khadra and Allahsoldier go head to head. My bets are all on Khadra!


  12. Climélon said

    That might be a naive question, but how do all those Somalis get to the US? Why this specific African community?


    • acorcoran said

      Hello Climelon, Most of the Somalis in the US now came through the US State Departments Refugee Resettlement Program over the last 20 years. Many are so-called family reunification cases but in fact we learned two years ago that 80% of those were lying about their relationship and thus entered the US illegally. Also, some Somalis now come to the US (also illegally) across both of our borders—Northern and Southern.
      I wish I knew how this got started twenty years ago… I do know that prior to the Somalis we took very few African refugees but one political group that pushed to open the program to Africans was the Congressional Black Caucus. I’m assuming they thought they were importing voters, but in fact they imported the major competition for jobs that the American black community depends on .


  13. Thank you jazz! Aren’t they part of this nation! Or just being used as commodity rather than human beings.

    Here we again ! Khadra where have you been? We haven’t heard from long time! Were you on an assignment in Africa about Somalis on behalf of teaparty aka teabaggers.
    Welcome back As they say in somali Language ! (Rufiyaan ) waaxid .


  14. mjazz said

    “We want someone doing something for the Somali community.”
    Aren’t they Americans now?


  15. Khadra said

    The translater who helped Somalis vote for Norm Coleman was Mohammed Wardere who worked as a staffer in Colema’s office.


  16. Khadra said

    Their the ones who also put Coleman into office. Though in the beginning it seemed that Al Franken was going to win, Coleman decided to use his best weapon. He said he was going to re-open the Refugee Resettlement Program and the votes quicly turned to him.


    • acorcoran said

      Khadra, Al Franken ultimately did win when some votes were recounted. So the Coleman Somalis didn’t succeed. But it was my understanding that Al Franken got help from Keith Ellison’s Somalis. I don’t know for sure, but I did read that at the time.


  17. Khadra said

    Somalis hold power that is special to politicians who are campaigning. They are the ones who elected Kieth Ellison as the first Black Muslim into congress in Minnesota. They also pulled the strings in Kansas for J.J Rizzo whom they favored. They largly voted for Barack Hussein Obama who is of African Kenyan descent and also of Muslim bacground. In his campaign Barack visited northern Kenya which is occupied and inhabited by Somalis.

    So politicians need Somalis, but the Somalis have the power to put the person in his place if he/she is doing things for the Somali community specifically. The Mayor of Minnesota was outraged when 3 Somalis were killed by a Somali gang, but yet no public outrage happens if a black or Hispanic individual dies by gang shooting.


    • JJ said

      So what next Khadra? Somalis want to take control of the world? they want to dominate the world, don’t they? They have the power in their hands to elect anyone they want? So what other conspiracy theories do you have for us. Just change the word ‘Somalis’ with ‘Jews’ and see how ridiculous you sound or how everybody would be quick to brand you an antisemite and quite correctly but Somalis are fair game.


      • west said

        It’s the problem with the entire approach of this blog. There is plenty to analyze and criticize in the bureaucracy of refugee resettlement, yet Ann and her followers are largely concerned with fearmongering, vilifying refugees, and misinterpreting data to this aim. The rhetoric employed here at RRW reads straight out of an 1850s playbook, when Irish immigrants/refugees with last names like Corcoran were barred from towns, attacked, and accused of spreading disease and an evil foreign religion. Of course, Ann calls this simply being “un-PC”, but people seriously interested in reforming refugee resettlement policy can see through this smokescreen for what it’s worth.


        • acorcoran said

          West, Maybe I’ve said this before to you, but you and anyone else who doesn’t like what is said here can start your own blog. Goodness knows there is lots to reform and write about with our Legal immigration programs. I don’t mind posting your criticism of what I say, I believe in free speech. And, I believe in telling the negative aspects of the refugee program to balance all the yes, Politically Correct, garbage I read all the time on the subject in the mainstream media. So if you have a blog or start a blog of your own to say what you see is happening with the refugee program, I will happily link your blog here at RRW. LOL! I can’t help it that the Somalis have more written about them generally in the media than most other ethnic groups (maybe because they are very political) coming to the US at this time, so they give me lots of fodder to write about.


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