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Another asylum seeker to test Canadian refugee policy

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 5, 2010

Update November 9th:  Chinese man had US passport, here.

Canada is in the midst of soul-searching over how to handle all the asylum seekers arriving in Canada these days.  Here is the latest and most novel entry so far (forget those mundane human trafficking ships)!

Old man turns into young man (CBC Newson flight, thanks to Drudge (be sure to see photos):

A young Asian male has been intercepted by authorities in Vancouver after boarding a flight from Hong Kong disguised as an elderly white man, officials say.

Canada Border Services Agency officers boarded the Air Canada plane after it landed Oct. 29 and took the man into custody, the agency said in a statement issued by its Pacific region.


The man quickly made a claim for refugee protection after his arrest, the agency said.


A CBSA official said he would appear before an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing.

His name, the date of his hearing and his reason for seeking refugee status have not been made public.

About two weeks ago we told you about an American actor and his wife, running from the law in the US, asking for asylum in Canada, here.

5 Responses to “Another asylum seeker to test Canadian refugee policy”

  1. K. aka Kel said

    As a Canadian, I can assure you that we are being laughed at.


  2. […] on November 9, 2010 This is an update on the story that is now all over the news that we reported here a few days […]


  3. I am human being ! I could careless where you from ! I am Also an open border guy , free trade, No visa requirement, relocating oppressed pple.
    We are all human beings under the rules of our creator (Allah subxaanuhu wataala). We are also melting pot like Swiss cheese fondue.


  4. What happened to so called super power economy china!


    • acorcoran said

      Allahsoldier, you just don’t want any refugee competition. If more come in from Asia there will be less from Africa—Canada or the US aren’t taking in the whole world you know.


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