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Nashville: Somalis charged with sex trafficking had access to restricted areas of the airport

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 4, 2010

Debbie Schlussel has the whole story.  Hat tip:  Janet Levy.   Here is just one paragraph to pique your interest (although I suspect you are pretty interested already)!

Remember the child sex slave ring that devout Muslims from Somalia ran all over the U.S. ? I told you about it a few weeks ago and how some of the girls they enslaved were just 12 years old. Well, our friend, syndicated radio host Steve Gill, alerts us to this story about how two of the Muslim men in the sex-slave ring–two of the nearly 30 Muslims indicted–had unfettered, unscreened access to restricted areas of the Nashville International Airport and a cockpit. A federal judge ordered the two men and their brother, who was also indicted for running the Muslim child sex slave ring, released on bond, and the U.S. appealed the decision. The evidence–photos of the two men in restricted areas of the airport (after they did NOT go through TSA screening)–was presented in court by federal prosecutors in their appeal of the bond decision.

Our posts on the sex trafficking gang begin here.

3 Responses to “Nashville: Somalis charged with sex trafficking had access to restricted areas of the airport”

  1. […] Posted by acorcoran on November 8, 2010 Update December 4th:  Accused sex-traffickers had access to restricted airport areas in Nashville, here. […]


  2. LovesCats said

    So what does this mean? Are Somali criminals working with TSA and Homeland Security? Interesting, especially when you remember how the Nigerian underpants bomber was passed through airport security without passport, visa, or even ID.


  3. mjazzguitar said

    TSA hassles a woman and makes her miss her flight just because she doesn’t want her breast milk x-rayed, yet Muslims get access to restricted areas?
    I have heard from frequent flyers that a lot of Americans get hassled for no reason, and the Japanese get profiled a lot because they are so polite, and Muslims usually get a pass because screeners don’t want to appear to be prejudiced.


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