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Canada: Huntley to fight deportation to South Africa

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 28, 2010

Brandon Huntley is a white man from South Africa who was granted asylum in Canada and then the decision was overturned recently by a Judge, here.

He is apparently appealing the case, here.

South African refugee seeker Brandon Huntley will appeal a decision by the Canadian Government to withdraw his right to remain in that country.

Earlier this year, a Canadian court granted the Cape Town man refugee status but later revoked its decision. His lawyer said Canadian immigration authorities were pressured by the South African government to reverse its decision.

But his lawyer on Monday said Huntley was not backing down after an appeal was lodged last week. His legal team will argue that the South African government made Canada look racist after it granted him asylum.

He was granted asylum on the basis that he was being persecuted by black people because of the high crime rate.

As I said previously, here, I think he has adequate evidence to re-open his case based on statements by a South African, rainbow nation, official who said that when returned to South Africa he will suffer the indignity of his false claims.  There was no follow-up comment from the official that assured Huntley that he will be protected by the government.  Sounded to me like an open invitation for open-season on Huntley.

In my opinion, Huntley committed the ultimate sin when he claimed racist persecution can be directed at whites too.  I imagine the UNHCR having fits over this case.

4 Responses to “Canada: Huntley to fight deportation to South Africa”

  1. Lol@slow genocide ! Do you really believe that?
    I dont think so.
    Lol@allegation about “just wait til Mandela dies.
    Mandela will be honored and remembered as man who freed his people from apartheid cruel regime.
    The Rest of allegations is a pure nonesense.


  2. LovesCats said

    “In my opinion, Huntley committed the ultimate sin when he claimed racist persecution can be directed at whites too. I imagine the UNHCR having fits over this case.”

    Absolutely. Also I think they fear that if they admit Huntley as a refugee that it will trigger a mass exodus of white refugees. IMO the whites in S. Africa and Zimbabwe are the only refugees we should be letting in.

    Though there has been a “slow genocide” of whites going on in S. Africa there is a persistent rumor that when Mandela dies (he has a glass coffin prepared for public exhibit) his death will be the signal for blacks to mass murder/genocide all whites in S. Africa. That’s why whites who can leave are leaving or have aleady left.

    Threats are often yelled at whites such as “JUST WAIT!” “JUST WAIT TILL MANDELA DIES!” by large gangs or mobs of blacks.


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