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Archive for May 25th, 2011

Migrants escaping “Arab Spring” in Africa piling up at Calais….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2011

…..hoping to sneak into the UK across the English Channel!   But, hey, I thought the Arab Spring was only bringing democracy and freedom to North Africa?   And where are Wade Rathke and his community organizer buddies when you need them!

From the UK Telegraph:

In a filthy squat two miles from the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, Mohammed Yosif and his friends are hoping for a new life in Britain.

The 21-year-old is one of at least 40,000 to have fled to Europe as a result of the Arab Spring that has seen political unrest sweep north Africa.

Many are migrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa who now believe their lives are at risk, especially in Libya where the regime used black mercenaries to attack rebel forces.

A growing number have now arrived in France and are sleeping rough near ports in a bid to sneak into the UK or at the Gare du Nord Eurostar station in Paris.

“It is very difficult to get on the train, but I dream of England,” said Mohammed, who arrived in Calais on Tuesday after fleeing the war in Libya, where he was a migrant worker from Chad.

“Maybe I will hide, but I hope to find a way to get there somehow. England is a great country where I can have my human rights.”  [Wait! I thought that is what all the revolution in North Africa was about—freedom, democracy, and human rights—ed]

Until he can sneak onto a lorry heading for Britain, he is living with up to 400 other migrants in a squalid, chaotic encampment nicknamed ‘Africa House.’

Read it all—poor Europe, poor England.

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Shelbyville, TN propaganda film to be screened at the State Department

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2011

Only “credentialed” reporters will be permitted to attend!

This is your classic Washington elitist ruling class strategy — only preferred media who will be expected to tow the party line will be permitted in the inner sanctum of the Obama State Department, here.

For the other side of the story about the “Welcome to Shelbyville” film, go here.

By the way, the US State Department held a conference call where apparently they couldn’t screen those on the call and I gather they got an earful yesterday.  More on that later.

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Texas: Somali cabbie arrested on weapons charges

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2011

….just a harmless nut!

JJ, I couldn’t resist, had to get this Somali refugee story posted (although I still have a bunch more stories today that are Somali-free).


IRVING — The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force joined the investigation of an Irving taxicab driver after firefighters found suspicious materials inside his apartment near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Sunday morning.


The unspecified items were discovered after Irving firefighters responded to a small fire at apartment of 41-year-old Sharif Ahmed Nour.

Not o.k. mentally!

A friend, Ahmed Riyalle, told News 8 that the cab driver is from Somalia and has been driving cabs in and out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for years.

“He’s not okay,” Riyalle said. “Mentally, he’s not okay, but he is able to work.”

Riyalle said Nour never appeared to be threatening.

Nour is under arrest, and was originally going to be charged with having bomb-making components, but it was later decided to charge the man with possession of prohibited weapons.

Two possibly related links

This week Fox News reported that the World Health Organization declares Somalia to have one of the world’s highest rates of mental illness, here,  and then I came across this EthnoMed report about the high levels of mental illness among Somali refugees in the US—great huh!

So now we can all calm down about terror plots by mentally impaired cabbies.

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Convicted Fort Dix terror plotters trying to get convictions overturned

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2011

JJ: This is a SFP (Somali-free post)!

We first told you about this case in 2007, and you likely saw it in the news.  The plotters were originally six and the case became popularly known as the Fort Dix Six terror plot.   Our original interest centered around the fact that one of the six had actually been a refugee brought to America with his family from Bill Clinton’s Bosnian war and housed at the New Jersey military base he was later accused of plotting to attack.

However, in 2007, he admitted guilt and was sentenced to only five years, here.   The other five went on to trial, were convicted, most got a life sentence, but are now trying to appeal their case.

From AP:

PHILADELPHIA—Wiretaps obtained under a Patriot Act provision aimed at gathering foreign intelligence wrongly helped convict Muslim immigrants in a domestic criminal case, defense lawyers argued Monday in U.S. appeals court in Philadelphia.

The lawyers represent five young men convicted of plotting a deadly strike at a New Jersey military base. Prosecutors call evidence in the three-month trial overwhelming and the two wiretaps in question incidental to the conviction.

Defense lawyer Michael E. Riley argued otherwise.

“We don’t know which of the nails in the coffin were the final nails in the coffin (for jurors),” he said.

A federal jury in Camden, N.J., convicted the men—Mohamad Shnewer, Serdar Tatar, and brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka—in December 2008 of conspiring to kill U.S. military personnel at Fort Dix. All but Tatar are serving life terms.

Prosecutors charged that the Philadelphia-area residents, inspired by al-Qaida, had taken training trips to the Pocono Mountains and scouted out Fort Dix, an Army base in New Jersey used primarily to train reservists for duty in Iraq, and other sites.

Just your immigrant next door, working in jobs Americans won’t do and doing a little target practice in the Poconos for fun and recreation.

Four of the defendants had attended public high school in Cherry Hill, N.J. The men include Shnewer, a Jordanian-born cab driver; Tatar, a Turkish-born convenience store clerk; and the Dukas, ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia, who had a roofing business.

There is more, read it all.

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Arab and African “refugees” killing each other in refugee camps

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2011

Ho hum, this is another one of those diversity is strength reports.  Turns out that at a UN camp (where “refugees” are waiting to be resettled to a third country—including America! which takes the largest numbers of refugees), there are rapes and murders going on between those of Arab descent and Africans.

But, of course we all know that when they arrive in the magical American melting pot they will give up their centuries old animosities and settle down to the American dream—right!

From Christian Today (Australia):

Four Eritrean refugees were burnt to death, and one was critically injured, after their tents [tents likely paid for by American tax payers—ed] were deliberately set on fire at a Tunisian refugee camp close to the Libyan border in the early hours of Sunday 22 May.

Ibrahim Suleman Ahmed, Ahmed Mohamed Saleh, Jamie Mohamed and Saleh Ismail had recently fled Libya, and were waiting to be resettled in a safe third country by the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Two Sudanese refugees have been arrested in connection with the deaths and remanded in custody.

According to reports, a few Sudanese refugees had been sexually harassing Eritrean female refugees in Shusha Camp, Ras Jedir. This generated tension in the camp as Eritrean men attempted to protect the women.

On Saturday 21 May, a Sudanese man reportedly entered a married couple’s tent and tried to rape the woman. The Eritrean men who were nearby managed to stop him, and he was later heard saying that he would kill Eritreans in the camp.

The four victims of the blaze were not involved in the dispute and were murdered simply because of their nationality.


These are not the first murders to occur in Shusha camp. Although the UNHCR office in Tunisia is aware of these incidents, there is still no security in the camp, despite demands from refugees for greater protection. The non-governmental organisation (NGO) Human Rights Concern-Eritrea (HRC-E) has been informed that the refugees in the camp are now extremely anxious following the recent murders, and the atmosphere remains very tense. Last night the Tunisian armed forces were forced to fire in the air as tensions boiled over between refugees of Arab and African descent.

Multiculturalism is so beautiful (vibrant too!), don’t you agree?

Reader JJ just pointed out in a comment this morning, here, that RRW should be renamed Somali Refugee Resettlement Watch.  This post is then a Somali-free post (SFP)!

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