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Story about Indians coming across southern border adds more evidence to my theory about asylum seeker fraud

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 26, 2011

Before I tell you about the story which I should have posted a couple of days ago (hat tip Gary), briefly this is what I think is happening:

*Open borders advocates are using our asylum system to get more immigrants into the country.

*Businesses looking for cheap labor may be teamed up with non-profit “humanitarian” groups to facilitate the scam, and possibly even linked to the traffickers.  There likely are some terrorist networks using the system as well.

*Most asylum seekers are economic migrants, not really persecuted people (thus my use of the word “scam”).

*Refugee advocates know that the number of refugees is going to go down as our economic situation continues to be unable to handle the numbers on welfare and more and more people are questioning the program, thus their focus is shifting to asylees.

*Immigration lawyers have set up extensive businesses in border states and are somehow tipped off to the arrival of the newest asylum seekers.

Admittedly I don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle, but my first inkling of this new focus of the Open Borders crowd came when I saw this story about illiterate and obviously not well-off Somalis paying as much as $10,000 each, then getting across the world to our southern border and knowing to ask for asylum—it all sounded fishy to me.

So, now to this news article at KRGV News that is written in such a confusing way that I’ve had to search through it, excerpt sections and rearrange a few of them in the hopes that it will be understandable for readers.

Not sure here whether the writer is implying the Indians might be terrorists or that if the Indians get in so easily, terrorists will too.

HARLINGEN – A terrorist could be crossing the border right now.

Intelligence agents are focusing on that line between the U.S. and Mexico.

They are watching the people who come from India through the Valley.

The Indians say they’re trying to escape persecution in their home country.

How many are coming?

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked for the numbers of Indian illegals detained in the last year from the U.S. Border Patrol.

During October and April of 2010, 730 Indians were caught. During the same time this year, more than 1100 have been captured. Nearly a 50 percent increase.

The Indians are briefly detained then released?

After being caught in the U.S. and taken to the detention center they are released many are taken to the Harlingen Bus Station.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS staked out the bus station to see, one night we saw a group of five Indian nationals, another night we saw a group of three, then a group of four.  [Maybe an investigative journalist should get on the bus and see where they are going!–ed]

Immigration lawyer helps them get released?

Border Patrol agents caught Rakesh Kumar coming into the country with a group of illegals from Central America.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS talked to him at the Hidalgo County Jail.

He’s facing pornography charges for bringing porn on a memory card. He’s a Sikh from Punjab.

Prosecutors dropped all the charges against him.

Burhan Nomani represents illegals. He’s an immigration lawyer in Houston.


Nomani meets the Indians after they end up in a federal detention center. He’s represented more than 100 so far.

A business man, a taxi driver, lawyers and “hotel people” tell them how to get here?

A CBP spokesman wouldn’t tell us how the Indians are getting here. But the Indians would.

“The hotel people told us who to talk to to bring me here,” says Sandeep.

Rakesh tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS a Guatemalan Taxi driver told him how to find a smuggler.

They got Visas at New Delhi Airport in India to get int Guatemala, smugglers drove and walked them into Mexico and then the United States.

Once in the U.S. they sometimes have friends come to pick them up. Others have to get outside help.

One businessman CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with says he picks up Indians from the bus depot almost every night after their lawyers or family call him.

He says he sees about 20 people a week, he helps them book trips out of the Valley and their immigration cases go with them.

Maybe there are terrorists among them, maybe not?

Burhan Nomani says the government believes terrorists could easily walk among the legitimate asylum seekers. They won’t be caught until they create chaos.

But, you can rest assured that some poor schlub from the slums of Calcutta is checked out very very carefully as immigration agents go over their backgrounds very very carefully before dropping them at the bus station and sending them on to your town!

Despite that, the vast majority of Indians coming into the Valley are not terrorists. In fact, Immigration agents check backgrounds and connections of every detained person before they are released.

Give me a break!  A border agent just puts in a call to the chief of police of Calcutta and receives a background report?  We don’t even know their real names or where on earth they have been living, but just run them on over to the bus station and move-em out!  They are someone else’s problem now!

By the way, according to the most recent annual report from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, 22,852 asylum cases were approved in 2008.

Update:  Thanks to Gary for sending some film clips about the situation on the border,here is Greta Van Susteren interviewing a ranch owner, Dr. Michael Vickers and here is a fascinating story (video account) from KRGV-TV about how the Texas Border Volunteers work to protect private ranches from illegal aliens crossing their land.

12 Responses to “Story about Indians coming across southern border adds more evidence to my theory about asylum seeker fraud”

  1. mj said

    News reports are confusing because the media is engaged in a wholesale deception of the American public. Immigration is the kind of TOP SECRET covert operation where everything is need-to-know. The last people with a need-to-know are the targets.

    Unknown numbers of foreign military-age men are smuggled into the US as illegals, refugees, or asylees. It doesn’t matter what they’re called as long as they get them to the US and fast.

    Janet Napolitano claimed the border is “better” than it’s even been. Obama said in El Paso to a cheering mestizo mob that the border is safe and secure. It’s true, the border is safer for murderers who now have fully automatic military grade weapons supplied free-of-charge by the BATF while US border guards are forced to carry unloaded weapons.

    Immigration is a covert op against Americans, billions have already been invested and nothing is left to chance. Foreign troops are handled every step of the way; from unlimited funding to pay for the chain of activists, smugglers, translators, lawyers, cab drivers and “hotel workers” because they are the mercenary forces Comrade Obama and his czars needs to successfully murder 100 million Americans just as they did in Russia and the Soviet Union.

    Recently a whistleblower leaked that the BATF, under orders from Obama, Holder and DHS, were running a TOP SECRET operation supplying Mexican crime gangs with thousands of state-of-the-art military weapons. Since the operation (purported to be a “sting” to track illegal weapons) was leaked our dear leader has refused to release information demanded by a congressional investigating committee. Holder continues to stonewall and keep secret evidence determining whether the young border guard who was killed by an illegal alien was shot with one of the BATF-supplied weapons. Must be damning evidence indeed.

    Do you get it America? Weapons that are illegal, unobtainable without a ton of paperwork, or just plain unaffordable to most Americans are provided free-of-charge by the US government to mexican criminals. The American people need to know how many foreign militias “our” government has been arming to the teeth against us even as they never stop conspiring to disarm us.


  2. Federale said

    Clearly a return the Bush and Clinton Catch and Release Policy.


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  4. Khadra said

    You should look into the ideology of Greater Somalia:
    However this is an ideology which existed for 150 years and the more updated version is that Greater Somalia is any place where Somalis inhabit that includes the places where Somalis inhabit in great numbers.


  5. Khadra said

    The money comes from family members living in the West, Somalis have developed a very sophisticated money transfer/laundering system known as the “Xawalah” in Somali or Hawalah. This system is established in every Somali community around the world whether in Western countries or otherwise. My mom used to use it to send the money to my grandparents and other relatives living in Africa and the Middle East. So where the money comes from isn’t a question at all. However there are also other ways which include fundraising in mosques and charities. In case you don’t know in Africa, Somalis are called “the theives of Africa” they work in cohesive, collective, and inclusive groups helping each other while sucking the system dry.


  6. Khadra said

    The Canadian border is very unsafe for the simple fact that it has no wall, no gaurds like the Mexican-U.S border criminals cross the border running from the death penalty in the US, so of course illegal immigrants and terrorists can cross and probably have crossed. If the Mexican-US border is unsafe and unsecure which actually has border patrol and a wall unlike Canada, Canada is nothing it is the most unprotected border in the world! The fact that Somalis are known for biting the hand that feeds them around the world should a ring bell in any American person’s head ding ding ding!

    The other fact is that most Somalis are inclusive, work together collectively instead of individually pulling money together for their own interests despite living in America, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and any other Western or even Middle Eastern country. And also this is the main tactic that Somalis to migrate to places, is that one or two families settle in a completly new area where there are basically no Somalis around and when they think of this place as welcoming and good they call other Somalis and tell them about the place and all of a sudden there are hundreds of them and more will soon follow. Sometimes they might call Somali males and tell them, if they come here they will offer them their daughter or there are good wives here to marry and then in a few days after the marriage the girl is pregnant. Tuulas are turning into bustling Somalis where natives whether White, African, Asian will become minorities in their own land without them even knowing.


    • acorcoran said

      Khadra, your comments here will fit very well with the post I’m about to write about colonization.


  7. Khadra said

    Trust its a big business its silly for you to assume that Somalis are illiterate, Lol! Most Somalis speak at least 3-5 languages which includes Somali, Arabic, English, French, or Italian. Look at Somali intellectuals and Somalis who have achieved in the modelling industry or even Ayan Hirsi Ali herself they speak at least 4 languages. Remember Ayan Hirsi Ali has actually lied to get in the Netherlands and lied to get her papers, and she wasn’t even discovered till much later and she was an MP for the Dutch government. Most Somalis are business men and entrepreneurs look at what they have done to Kenya and South Africa (though not welcome there, they have extra security). They took over all the businesses in major towns and cities such as Eastleigh and Nairobi, native Kenyans feel like they’re living in a foriegn country. They are bying land in Kenya and buying off many things and settling, since most Somalis come from an extremly large family (the average Somali immediate family is 10 children, imagine including that with uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives) which is clear colonialization! The most recent census of the Somali birth rate and fertility in the CIA Factbook was 6.9 per woman however the number is higher it should be 8.9, and the mortality rate in Somalia is 15% which is actually lower than thought by most. Outside of Somalia which is obviously better is probably 3%. Kenyans are being driven from their country and the main driving force is the Greater Somalia which is an ideology that is 150 years set to unify all Somali historical lands under Somalia which includes most of East Africa. The updated version of this is that this includes all lands that Somalis inhabit which includes various parts of the world.


    • acorcoran said

      Khadra, how does a Somali young person get the money to get to the US borders from Africa, and how do they know how to ask for asylum?


  8. Gary Henderson said

    What a great country! If illegal Indians are apprehended they ask for asylum. If not they just fade north without detection, likely to join countrymen from India who have already established domiciles and businesses in the USA.

    It is just as likely that these illegals are informed of how to work the grab-bag system, including ways to collect food stamps under several names and then feed on the food stamp fraud racket that overwhelms our ability to run a clean program and simultaneously police those who live in a “cheat” mode. Billions of dollars are bilked by food stamp fraud.

    Remember that our budget deficit for this year alone is more than 1.5 trillion. That is 1,500 billion!!!

    You don’t see anyone from India, China, Africa mowing lawns. This speaks to the possibility that illegals from these countries are brought here through an organized and directed network that originates here in the USA. Many are assisted by George Soros funded groups, our State Department and the United Nations.

    In Texas, as elsewhere, Indians dominate the hotel/motel business and it is suspected that many such enterprises offer shelter to illegals, and provide a safe and restful stop from which to plan their next steps.

    We are like a giant brothel,where illegals and legals alike come here to be serviced by the US taxpayer. Traditionally the customer pays for the fun, that’s how prostitution ordinarily works. But not in the good ole’USA!

    Without our permission and against our laws, they are aided and abetted by a Federal Government that refuses to protect us and stymies state efforts to control their own borders.

    Immigrants have their way with us, and we pay for their pleasure.

    “Sucker Nation, take me home, it’s the place where I was born”


  9. Nellie said

    Every thing about Obama and the last 3 years has been fraud. Refugees and asylum, illegals for Obama’s vote.


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