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Minnesota “love and peace” crowd defends women who told court to “go to hell”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 8, 2011

Oh, geez.  The political hard left in Minnesota is rallying around the Somali women recently convicted of sending material support to the terror group Al-shabab in Somalia.  I first told you about them here where they dissed our legal system and said infidels would die.

Now, from Fight Back News (LOL! don’t you love it when peace people have publications like Fight Back News) we see that peace and justice activists are organizing to rally around their cause in the months leading up to their sentencing.

Minneapolis, MN – About 100 people gathered for a “Speak Out in Support of the Somali Community” Dec. 3. The organizers were inspired to do the forum after the Oct. 20 conviction of Amina Ali and Hawo Hassan, two Somali American women who raised money for charities assisting Somalia’s poor. The women’s conviction was related to providing “material support to foreign terrorist organizations.” During jury deliberations, supporters of the women made it clear that the situation for people in Somalia was dire and that people required help for basic survival.

Remember readers, these were women who did not say they acted out of naivete’.

In the AP story about their conviction, here, we learned that the government had recorded their phone calls and prosecutors reported this at trial:

Prosecutor Steven Ward contended that Ali and Hassan were in contact with key al-Shabab leaders and getting frequent updates on the fighting. He said their conversations showed they knew al-Shabab was a terror group, sometimes celebrating casualties.

In one of those calls, Ali told others to “forget about the other charities” and focus on “the jihad.” In another, she said, “Let the civilians die.”

Now that they have been convicted, Minnesota hard Left groups, saying the FBI is on a “witch hunt,” are making them a cause celebre’!

Both women were convicted of conspiracy to provide material support for a foreign terrorist organization. In addition, Ali was convicted of 12 counts of providing material support and Hassan was convicted of two counts of lying to FBI agents. Each count of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization carries a 15-year sentence. On the day of the conviction, there were huge protests in Somalia over the women’s cases.

The women were accused of helping al-Shabab, an Islamist organization that fights to free Somalia from foreign domination.

Participants at the forum were urged to pack the courtroom for the sentencing of Amina Ali and Hawo Hassan. The sentencing is expected to happen in the early spring. Before that, there will be other actions and campaigns around the case.

Why so many Somalis in the US?   That is what people are googling everyday and they end up here at RRW where top posts continue to be this one about how and when we admitted so many Somalis to the US and this one about how come there are so many Somalis in Minneapolis (Minnesota generally).

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