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British Freedom Party leader warns America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 18, 2012

Update:  Weston to speak in Toronto as well, here.

Imagine 2030 might have been the title of his speech.

Why that particular phrase?  It is the year that the Great Britain we know will be gone, warns Paul Weston, taken over by a multicultural mishmash who will undoubtedly be governed by Shariah law.

The other night while writing about immigration issues in Maryland, I came across a vile group calling itself Imagine 2050—the year they say America will no longer have a majority western culture.   For fun, go to Imagine 2050 and enter your group or your state and see what they are saying about what you believe and the efforts you are making to curb out-of-control immigration.

Now back to Paul Weston’s warning in Nashville posted at New English Review:

Weston’s message was sobering. Like Geert Wilders, he is trying to “warn America not to go down the same Islamic road” as has Europe and Great Britain. He quoted Samuel Huntington saying that when civilizations are in the process of dying, their inhabitants nevertheless remain under the “illusion of permanency,” even during the kind of massive demographic transformation England has experienced in the last 50 years. In the 1960’s Muslim immigrants numbered in the tens of thousands, but today, thanks to intentional Labour policy to “rub the noses of right-wing in diversity,” they number anywhere from 3 to 8 million in a population of around 65 million. The exact figure is unknown due to the open door immigration policies of those who were trying to further the “revolution” by making the indigenous Britons a powerless minority in their own country. And this is already happening in many areas which have been transformed into Sharia zones. Of course these new immigrants create a bloc vote for the Labour Party.


Weston maintains that this open door immigration policy is treasonous.

Civil war!

The non-indigenous population under age 40 is growing at ten times the rate of native Britons and Weston estimates that the tipping point, when the non-indigenous under 40 population becomes the majority is just 18 years in the future, in 2030. He openly warns of the possibility of civil war unless something is done right away.

Read all of the Freedom Party’s prescriptions for halting the demographic slide into oblivion for native Britons.   Here is one of twenty.

Halt any further immigration for a period of five years.

Read it all!

2 Responses to “British Freedom Party leader warns America”

  1. mig21bison said

    If the western civilisation as we know it goes away or reduces then it would be start of anarchy and chaos.US remaining a strong country is in the interest of the civilised world,if not USA’s place will be replaced by champion of humans rights like china/russia lol.


  2. “Halt any further immigration for a period of five years”. Applying that critical standard to the USA, it would have to include halting all illigal immigration, as well as legal immigration. The other ninteen requirements are “spot on” with those that we need and recognize in our country.

    Nothing short of that will work. The immigration business/industry in our country is fraught with fraud, and is so deeply entrenched that millions of US Citizens profit from the “business” process, and millions more profit from the turmoil created by those who demand special favors, treatment, rights once they arrive, by whatever means that brought them here.

    All are ably assisted by those “Americans” who want the destruction of our foundation as soon as possible.

    They include our President, his administration, czars, mentors, surrogates and George Soros.

    They must be defeated before we can turn this great ship about and catch the winds of freedom once again.


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