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Tyson Foods Shelbyville, TN: all sorts of goodies to get and keep immigrant labor

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 1, 2012

This is the first in what will be many posts in my new category‘ Legal immigration and jobs.’  In fact, it’s this piece of information, now mysteriously missing from the US State Department’s website, that inspired this new category.

Clinton brings cheap refugee labor to Iowa

I’ve reported on this many many times on these pages.  I think the first time was when I wrote about the Clinton Administration acting as employment head hunter and dropping off thousands of Bosnian refugees in Iowa for the big meatpacker—IBP, here.  (Tyson Foods bought IBP in 2005).  That was such an eye-opener!  The Clinton Administration was solving an employment problem for big beef by bringing 6000 Bosnian “refugees” to Iowa in 1995.  And, Clinton, I am guessing, got a few benefits for his campaign war chest.  S**** Iowa and American workers!  Remember Hillary had that little lucrative connection to Tyson Foods too.

BTW, a former employee of Tysons told me that at one time these meatpackers paid very good wages and Americans were eager to do the work.

Cheap labor to Shelbyville, TN

Now jump forward in time to Shelbyville, TN last month.  I reported that acting Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, David Robinson, presided over a mission to Tennessee to ascertain just how things are going in the only state in the nation to pass a law to try to get the refugee flow under control.  (Although readers should know that Wyoming doesn’t participate in the refugee program for some unexplained reason).  Please read previous posts here on the visit to Tennessee.

After returning to Washington, Robinson penned a glowing piece about how great the refugee program is (wow! three million since 1975!) that was published at the Huffington Post.   But, keep in mind that Robinson is also the author of this ten-year-old report on how the program has been misused (to the detriment of the taxpayers and to the so-called refugees themselves!).

Here then is what Robinson said about Tyson Foods in an e-mail which originally was linked here at the State Department website (if you click on the link it is gone now):

In Tennessee, I heard firsthand the commitment of businesses to making
refugee resettlement successful. Tyson Foods support to refugees is
remarkable: $100,000 per year for on-site ESL, $3,500 per year for
college costs, 100% reimbursement for naturalization applications,
full-time interpreters on site, financial assistance, on-site banking,
and tax preparation services, all of which demonstrate why the company
had only a 12.5% turnover last year and has proven to be such a strong
example of leadership in integrating refugees, not just into their new
community, but into the wider U.S. economy.

WTF! So, let’s see, the town of Shelbyville has been roiled by controversy for years over the arrival of demanding, culturally challenging Somali refugees obviously lured by Tyson Foods with all sorts of special deals for them.   And, I am still working on finding out exactly what the tax benefits are to Tyson Foods for hiring LEGAL IMMIGRANTS (instead of Americans) in the first place. 

Click here to see what we get so Tyson Foods can have cheap labor.  I wonder does David Robinson sleep at night?  Never mind Robinson, how do you resettlement industry “church” people, in bed with big business and selling out small town America, sleep?

And, to top it all off, anyone who questions these arrangements, any taxpayer who doesn’t want to subsidize this deal, is promptly labeled a racist, xenophobic hater!  What a racket they have!

5 Responses to “Tyson Foods Shelbyville, TN: all sorts of goodies to get and keep immigrant labor”

  1. tomasrose said

    there were wage subsidies given to employers of refugees. I do not know if these programs are still in place today, but they were a few years ago.

    · Employment Subsidy Program

    The Employment Subsidy Program is for those refugees who have experienced long-term difficulties with assimilation. The purpose of this project is to increase rates of refugee employment and decrease rates of refugee welfare utilization by providing earned income subsidies to enable refugees who have experienced long-term difficulties, or who are likely to experience long-term difficulties, in assimilating into American communities with positive workforce experiences. These grants provide opportunities for subsidized and unsubsidized job placements that will lead to permanent employment and economic self-sufficiency.


    Subsidized positions may be in either public or private sector organizations. Grantees must establish a network of relationships with appropriate public or private employers to identify and develop suitable subsidized positions. Through written contractual agreements, grantees may use funds to reimburse employers for up to 100 percent of the employment wage (including fringe benefits), for a maximum of nine months. In exchange for the salary subsidy, the employer agrees to provide the refugee employee additional supervisory assistance in learning the job and to retain the refugee employee in this position after the wage subsidy has ended. If insufficient funds are available to continue the position, the employer agrees to assist the refugee employee in securing other employment.



    • acorcoran said

      Thanks tomasrose, I’ll put all this up in a post later today. I know I’ve seen this before, and probably posted on it too, but will do it again since I’ve forgotten this particular information and since we are constantly getting new readers.

      But, I feel sure there is more than this program. I recently met a factory floor manager who told me the company was hiring immigrants of all flavors (legal, but not necessarily refugees per se) because the company was somehow getting their wages subsidized likely through the tax code. She told me they turned away American job seekers at the door and brought in a parade of immigrants—she specifically mentioned Haitians. And, when I say parade she indicated it was a constant turnover.


  2. creeping said


  3. jonsobieski said

    In the Koran, it says if you (i.e., Muslims) don’t behave (i.e., jihad) or express any doubts, Allah will ‘find another people’ to replace you. Doesn’t that sound like our current govt? Allah in Charge in Washington DC.


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