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Canada making an effort to get rid of refugee frauds, including those who are already citizens

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 10, 2012

Can you imagine such an effort here in the US?  I can’t.  But, I guess they have had enough of asylum abuse north of the border.

From the National Post:

The government wants more money to crack down on so-called bogus refugees and others who may be inadmissible to Canada on security grounds, according to supplementary spending estimates tabled in the House of Commons Thursday.

The Canada Border Services Agency and Justice Canada have asked for an additional $4.5 million to “support further investigations of refugee claims and legal proceedings” aimed at revoking the status of or removing individuals who’ve either already returned to their country of origin, are no longer deemed in need of asylum or have fraudulently obtained refugee status.

The funding is meant to “deter abuse of Canada’s refugee protection system.”

A number of other government departments are seeking a total of nearly $23-million to deal with permanent residents and foreign nationals who may be inadmissible on security grounds.


“Canadians have told us clearly that they want us to take action on this abuse — and our Government has listened.”

The additional costs are due in large part to Bill C-31, the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, adopted in June. The legislation aims to deport so-called “bogus” refugees quicker and cracks down on human-smugglers, those who arrive in Canada en masse or hail from countries that are deemed “safe,” non producers of refugees.

Canada has a most-wanted list for immigrant fraudsters and criminals!

Besides C-31, the government has also made a concerted effort over the last year to strip thousands of newcomers of their citizenship or permanent residency status due to fraud.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has also been cracking down on removing foreign criminals on the Canada Border Service Agency’s “most wanted” list.

3 Responses to “Canada making an effort to get rid of refugee frauds, including those who are already citizens”

  1. admin said

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  2. Not to worry, Uncle Obama will take them. No questions asked. As he did in Mexico he may even run radio commercials in Canada telling the fraudsters/illegals how to apply for food stamps as soon as they get here. Along with the free cell phone, assorted other welfare perks and maybe even a stay at an American Bed and Breakfast.

    The USA is expert at handling illegal immigrants, we don’t do too well looking after the needs of our own citizens, but we roll out the red carpet for gimmie-grants.


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