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Sweden “harassing” Iraqi asylum seekers

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 24, 2012

The charge is from an Iraqi “human rights” group of course.   Here is what their spokesman says:

Saying that there were too many foreign asylum seekers in Sweden is not “a good enough reason”…..

According to his logic, no western country can turn off the spigot even as its country is overrun.

From Azzaman:

The Swedish authorities are using coercive and inhumane measures to force Iraqi refugees to leave, an Iraqi human rights group said.

“Swedish behavior towards Iraqi refugees is tough and the (Swedish) authorities are using coercive and inhumane methods to compel them to leave the country,” the Iraqi Human Rights Observatory Group said in a statement.

The group’s remarks come as the Swedish police have been rounding up Iraqis seeking asylum, including children, and sending them home by force.

For the past few years, Sweden has been rejecting most applications by Iraqi refugees for asylum and issuing court orders to have them expelled from the country.


Saadi, a former chairman of the Iraqi bar, said the Swedish authorities should be prosecuted for their practices against Iraqi refugees.

He called on Sweden to put a halt to its current policy vis-à-vis Iraqi refugees and stop sending them home by force.

Saying that there were too many foreign asylum seekers in Sweden is not “a good enough reason” to deny Iraqi asylum seekers the permit to stay, he added.

Why do they want to go to Sweden in such a big way—-because the “living is easy”.

Remember folks—a country cannot survive mass immigration into a welfare state.  Eventually the country runs out of money.

Type ‘Sweden’ into our search function for dozens more posts on the country being over-run by mostly Muslim “refugees” and illegal aliens.

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