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‘Diversity is strength’ alert from Nashville, TN

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 11, 2012

We’ve got a bunch of new readers here at RRW lately, so I bet many of you don’t know that Nashville, TN is one of the hottest refugee resettlement cities in America thanks to the work of Catholic Charities which is running the state program and using your tax dollars to do it. In fact, it is so hot, we actually have a whole category just for “welcoming” Nashville (here).

Now here comes one of those joys-of-diversity reports (hat tip: a friend from Tennessee), entitled ‘Man attempts to rape cousin to prevent marriage.’



Metro police arrested a man Monday for attempting to rape his cousin in order to prevent her from getting married.

According to police affidavits, Alaa Mikhaiel does not like his cousin’s boyfriend and doesn’t want them to marry.

Mikhaiel, 26, went to her apartment Monday and persuaded her to get into his car.  He then drove the victim, against her will, to the Hamilton Creek boat ramp area.

Once there, Mikhaiel began pulling off the victim’s clothes while telling her “I’m going to rape you,” an affidavit stated.

The victim fought the suspect off until he finally opened her car door and shoved her out.

Had Mikhaiel raped his cousin, her boyfriend likely wouldn’t have married her to due to “Egyptian customs.”

Mikhaiel was charged with kidnapping, attempted rape and domestic assault.

He made bond and was released from jail Tuesday.

The “Egyptian customs” referenced here are most likely Muslim customs but we don’t know for sure—we do know they are not our customs.

We don’t take very many Egyptian refugees (YET!), however a whole batch of Egyptian diversity visa lottery (new seed immigration!) winners were reported in Tennessee a few years back, here, but they were identified at the time as Coptic Christians.   We bring in over 3000 Egyptians each year with the lottery.

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