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Census Bureau: Whites will be in minority in US by 2043

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 13, 2012

Watch this little news clip for how the data breaks down.  The reporter wonders how this will shape US politics by that time considering that large numbers of minority voters voted for Barack Obama—the deliverer of stuff.   Higher birthrates among minorities is one of the factors cited for the population shift.   What they are not factoring in here is whether our economy will have crashed long before that time due to minority populations’ higher, and in my view unsustainable, consumption rates of “social services.”

Their birthrates will likely decline as everyone’s living standards decline.  And, at some point (when?) the US government will realize that the immigration numbers must be severely reduced, or we all go down the tubes.

Do you see it differently?

2 Responses to “Census Bureau: Whites will be in minority in US by 2043”

  1. It seems that birth rates go down with increased wealth and education… and up with decreased living standards. (?) Between immigration and welfare (and now advertising our welfare to Mexicans in their country) that the seeds for a ‘Cloward – Piven’ collapse have been planted, watered and fertilized. I think we’ll hit disaster much sooner than 2043 unless we significantly change policies.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Henry, You are right about the standard view—people have fewer kids when they get wealthier, however, I’m thinking that would be in normal times. I don’t see any of us (whites or minorities) having too many kids if people are starving and living in chaos which I definitely believe is ahead for us. Unless, as you say, we “significantly change policies”… and who is going to have the fortitude to lead the necessary change? No wonder Terry Porter has a bunker!


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