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More from the Office or Refugee Resettlement’s year in review

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 1, 2013

Did you know that we pay for day care centers offering “appropriate cultural competency!”  What happened to the idea that refugee kids should assimilate into our culture?

A week ago I reported that the Director (Eskinder Negash) of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) within the Department of Health and Human Services had sent out a 5-page e-mail report on how the ORR fared in 2012.  Here is more from that letter.

Do you have day care centers in your town?  You know! the small entrepreneurial ones run by a stay-at-home mom or maybe an older woman whose kids are grown.  Wouldn’t putting immigrant kids in those day care programs help integrate the kids into American culture?

And, do you think those small American home-based day care centers get FEDERAL GRANTS AND MICRO-LOANS to get started?  I doubt it!

According to Director Negash, refugee women do get federal (your!) money and support to set up their businesses.  This is from his year-in-review e-mail:

At the inception of the Microenterprise Development – Home-Based Child Care program in FY 2011, ORR awarded 13 grantees in 13 states grants totaling $2.225 million per year for two years. The primary goal of the program was to assist women refugees to become economically self-sufficient and integrated into the mainstream. A secondary goal was to expand home-based child care business options for other refugees, to enable them enter the workforce with confidence that their children are being cared for by individuals possessing appropriate cultural competency. ORR is pleased to see the overwhelming successes achieved by this new program thus far, encouraging continued support and expansion of the grant: in FY2012, ORR increased funding to the program, raising it from $2.225 million to $5,752 million, and offering grants to a total of 34 agencies.
During the first year of the project, the original 13 grantees have collectively:

* Enrolled 879 refugee women in the program;

* Trained 745 refugees;

* Helped 172 refugees obtain business licenses;

* Assisted 160 refugees to start home-based child care programs

* Created 1,061 childcare slots for children;

* Paid $249,000 in grants to partially cover business startup costs, and assisted the home-based child care owners to obtain an additional $208,000 in subsidies;

* Helped 207 refugees find and secure jobs, and

* Taken 79 refugees off public assistance.

Wow!  We trained hundreds, paid out millions of dollars and got 79 refugees off public assistance all the while assuring the kids were cared for by appropriate culturally competent caregivers.

6 Responses to “More from the Office or Refugee Resettlement’s year in review”

  1. […] More from the Office or Refugee Resettlement's year in review […]


  2. […] More from the Office or Refugee Resettlement's year in review […]


  3. By your decision to stand up for yourself as not being racist then mentioning muslims afterwards, you must know…

    muslim is NOT a race. islam is NOT a race. Therefore you are further feeding that idea by even mentioning the words together.

    Stop worrying about being called a racist over a non race and get back to showing people truth.


  4. I agree 100%, we are called racist if we say anything but it has nothing to do about race it is about America it is about job’s it is about respect. If you wish to immigrate here then you must not like where you are coming from so leave it at the border or stay out, we do not need nor want your cultures being imposed upon us here and all the right wingers will argue we stole this land from the Indians well that was a long time ago, I did not steal anything I was born here. If I travel to another country I am required to respect and obey their laws or face prosecution but not here in the good ol USA we embrace them and give them everything and expect nothing in return as they burn our Flag or ridicule us. There is very few party stores or gas stations you can walk into and not find a foreign speaking person owning and or running the place and the sad thing is people feel they are hustlers and that is why they have so much well no it is they buy and own cash based business’s so they do not have to document their workers or pay tax’s! I know several and have talked to them and they tell me that is why they own restaurant’s gas stations, party stores, video stores, just think about it not only are they not paying tax’s but then they are on our government assistance so they become a double burden. I tried to open a restaurant in Canada and the stipulations were so stiff, I had to step away but you do not just stroll in and do what you want when you want then cry discrimination and then get your way, you are not a citizen so you do not have right’s and if you wish to become a citizen the you acclimate to their culture not demand they coddle you and give you special treatment it is up to you or leave!


  5. Bruce Cain said

    Shut the damn spigot. Stop bringing in any more immigrants period: Legal or Illegal.

    I get so damn sick of this PC crap (e.g., politically correct) that has infected the Corporate Media. We have nearly 30 million Legal American Citizens that are either un/underemployed yet we have been bringing in over 1 million Legal immigrants per year since the “Raygun” Administration. Yet if I say “stop Legal/Illegal immigration NOW” I am labeled a racist or a bigot.

    The fact is the media — both liberal and conservative — is essentially owned by 6 mega-corporations that represent vertical/horizontal economic interests that benefit from “open borders” policies. I’m not going to sugar coat this for you: the Elite is out to reduce the American Worker to peons: forced to compete directly in a global market.

    In Dearborn MI I happen to know a good number of health care workers as I have been an analyst in the field for over 30 years. We are seeing largely Muslim immigrants on Medicare/Medicaid that cannot even speck English. We see very young Muslim women — usually with older men — popping out babies as if they were mosquitoes. It is obvious that these immigrants are getting all sorts of benefits Legal American Citizens (LAC’s) will never see. And as part of ObamaCare they have recently begun having patients fill out an “ethnicity form” when they come in for an appointment.

    Gee, why would they be doing that? Because it is being used as an argument to hire bilingual workers for these Legal/Illegal immigrants. Just consider this a single facet of a globalist plan to divide this country, destroy our wages and benefits and throw the entire country into 3rd world status. So as LAC’s are loosing their jobs every day Obama is making sure that recent immigrants will be the one’s getting the jobs because now you must be bilingual. The American workers, at these SE Michigan hospitals are mad as hell about all of this by the way. But they also know that if they ask a manager, “how is it that this 55 year old Mid-Easterner is getting Medicaid etc. when he can’t even speak English,” they will most probably be reprimanded or fired.

    In general what we are seeing is that immigrants are being treated to all sorts of benefits that LAC’s no longer have access to.

    I think what we need to begin doing in 2013 is casting these “open border” liberals as traitors to the American People. Every time they start oozing “crocodile tears” for Legal/Illegal immigrants we must respond with “what about the millions of unemployed LAC’s who can still not find a f****** job? How about that Ed Shultz, Rabid Madcow (e.g., Racheal Maddow), Thom Hartless (e.g., Thom Hartman), Panty Loads (e.g., Randy Rhodes).

    Secondly we need to start projecting the past and future costs, of these programs, so Americans can REALLY begin to understand how they are getting screwed by these insane immigration policies.

    Obama is set to push for amnesty in the next month or so. And just like the Corporate Media he is but a insignificant “Globalist Corporate Whore” just playing their game. And what is their game. They want a Global Government with open borders that will allow them to fully exploit labor equally around the globe. Should they prevail expect your children to live as slaves to a Globalized North American Union (NAU) where labor will be able to freely circulate between Canada, Mexico and the US.

    One of the reasons they are doing this is because the US population is aging and the Elite now see’s older Americans as “useless feeders.” Let me break it down as concisely as possible:

    (1) It costs about twice as much for an employer to provide health care to a 50 Vs 35 year old employee.
    (2) The average American Worker is 40. The average Legal/Illegal immigrant is 27. [Source” Census]
    Obviously the “solution” is to displace older LAC’s with younger immigrant workers. It just makes economic sense

    I’m in no way a racist. It is not as if I just want to stop Muslim immigration. I want to stop ALL immigration: Legal and Illegal. And that includes my Scottish brethren.

    i just think that it is way past time to start standing up for the LAC’s of this once great republic.

    Yet once you understand, what I have just written, you have to ask yourself: what should we be calling folk — like Obama, Rachel Maddow, Randy Rhodes, Thom Hartman etc. –, who are obviously pushing a globalist agenda that will destroy the American Worker.

    Well “yes” there is a word for people like that. We usually call them traitors.

    [Note: There is so much more to this issue. I’m just trying to expose a single facet. Hope some of you find this illuminating.]


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Bruce, you have to stop pulling your punches! LOL! I’ll probably post this as a “comment worth noting”… probably for tomorrow when people get back from vacation.


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