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Mohamed Mohamud found guilty in Christmas tree bombing plot

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 1, 2013

Boy was that a fast trial.

No magical melting pot for this Mohamed.

The former refugee who thumbed his nose at the good life that federal refugee contractors (and your tax dollars) gave him and his family, could possibly spend a life behind bars when he is sentenced in May.  And, remember the young Jihadist was raised here, he is not a recent arrival who was radicalized in the Horn of Africa.  He became radicalized in Portland, Oregon!

From the BBC (hat tip: Jim):

A Somali-American man has been found guilty of trying to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the state of Oregon.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 21, was given a fake bomb by undercover agents posing as Islamist militants, lawyers said.

Mohamud was arrested after he tried to use his phone to detonate the fake car bomb near a crowded square in Portland.

He will be sentenced on 14 May and may face a life sentence for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.


He is reported to have told a friend on the day of the attempted bombing that it was “the greatest morning of my life”.

The FBI said Mohamud made a “series of choices over a period of several years – choices that were leading him down a path that would have ended in violence.

“His actions showed little regard for the rights and responsibilities that come with being an American or respect for the lives that he was prepared to take.”

We have made extensive reference to the ‘Christmas Tree bomber’ over the last few years here.

Somalis are busy, busy, busy.  Just yesterday we reported on the terror-funding trial involving Somali refugees in San Diego, here.

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