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Muslim immigration not a threat says author

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 1, 2013

They are just like earlier waves of Catholics and Jews, says Doug Saunders a columnist who wrote a book to make his case.

From The Canadian Jewish News:

OTTAWA — Muslim immigrants are no more a threat to western countries than earlier waves of Catholic and Jewish newcomers were in their day, Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders told an audience here earlier this month.

Saunders, an author and award-winning journalist, explored the perceived threat of Muslim immigration to the western world in his recently published book The Myth of the Muslim Tide:  Do Immigrants Threaten the West?

Not to worry says Saunders, they won’t out-number us.  Just like previous immigrants their population growth will slow.

“I started to research this subject on my own and looked at this latest wave of religious minority immigrants in the west,” said Saunders. “Sixty years ago, there was fear of immigration by Catholics from Europe. Since Catholics had many children, there was a fear that they would become a majority and would try to impose their religion on the country.”   

Saunders compared similar fears in the past about Jewish immigrants and said his book details statistics showing that family sizes among ethnic immigrants haven’t changed much at all and that the fear of being overtaken by a majority of “others” is groundless.

Here is the kicker (and the funny part, sort of!).  Saunders continued with what we SHOULD fear if not demographics:

“This book tries to separate what we should worry about from what we should not. Antisemitism, Islamic terrorism and failed integration are serious worries. I am investigating the idea of what is causing the problems on the ground,” Saunders said.

Hint to Saunders—it is all from Islamic teaching that comes from the mosques that come with the Muslim immigrants!

Saunders got pounded by the anti-jihad writers for this book and here is just one critical post from Blazing Cat Fur from last summer.

One Response to “Muslim immigration not a threat says author”

  1. Mr. Saunders, Jews and Catholics did not come here, establish a beachhead and then proceed to commit and threaten acts of violence and announce publicly their
    Intent to take over the country from within. Nor was the Prime Minister of Canada a closet Muslim whose policies aided and abetted these radicals.

    With all due respect you should take an unpaid vacation and spend a few weeks in England, France, Germany, Spain, etc.

    On the way back you might spend a few days in Dearborn, Michigan.


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