Sequester suggestion for the day: defund the Ethnic Community Based Organizations!

Your tax dollars!

Yesterday I recommended saving US taxpayers almost $4 million by gutting the Refugees must have rotten marriages program, here.   Today we can save some air traffic controller jobs by cutting over $5 million for ethnic groups who have set up their little ACORN-like fiefdoms across America.

They used to be referred to as ECBOs (Ethnic Community Based Organizations), now the bureaucrats in Washington call them Ethnic Community Self-Help organizations. 

Why do we even need these?  They are non-profits set up for specific ethnic groups (funded by you) that help THEIR people (their ethnic group!) get signed up for welfare, find jobs, learn English, register to vote, demand THEIR rights and are the voice of THEIR people in your city.  In short, they promote balkanization. 

The federal government already contracts nine major contractors who in turn contract hundreds of sub-contractors whose job it is to get new immigrants settled.   And, if we need anything further besides local government, then the group in a city whose job it would be to get stuff for refugees should be multi-ethnic!  (a few are).

Furthermore, why do these ECBOs even need to be involved in teaching English?  Can’t the state and feds contract a local college to teach English to all immigrants and at least those tax dollars could be monitored.

Center for Prevention of Hate Violence got a grant

Before I get to the list, there is one listed in 2009 that caught my eye—-The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence in Maine won a grant for $184,719, but is now defunct.

I wrote about them here in 2010 when they were going to take their Lewiston model of how great the Somalis had been assimilated there (they haven’t been) on the road and make some cities feel guilty—three of the cities were refugee over-loaded cities that we write about here all the time, the fourth was Frederick, MD!  Frederick, MD!  They were going to do a PR campaign about the hateful people in Frederick, MD!   Of course, if you live in Maryland you know why—they wanted to discredit Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.  As far as I know it didn’t happen and I’ve wondered if a call made by then Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s Office to the Maine office of the Center had anything to do with it not happening?

Here is that gold-mine of information, the 2009 ORR Annual Report to Congress that has just been released four years late on the funding for ECBOs (p.49).   Let’s save the taxpayer $5 million!

Ethnic Community Self-Help Program In FY 2009

MAWA (Minnesota African Women’s Association)

ORR supported 32 single and multi-site ethnic community integration projects through competitive awards totaling $5,028,696. The host organizations provided self-help networks, and various in-house and referral services to enhance refugee integration. In addition, they conducted community outreach, coalition building, self-assessment, strategic planning, resource development, and leadership training activities. The active grantee organizations for FY 2009 are listed below.

The Southern Sudanese American Association, $100,000, AK

Boat People, SOS, Inc., $100,000, AL

Somali Bantu Association of Tucson, $197,688, AZ

Horn of Africa Community in North America, $135,000, CA

California Health Collaborative, $141,682, CA

Lao Family Community Development Inc., $198,154, CA

Merced Lao Family Community Inc., $183,381, CA

Merced Lao Family Community Inc., $180,891, CA

Colorado African Organization, $197,308, CO

ISED Solutions, $121,764, DC

Refugee Family Services, $154,430, GA

Pan African Association, $177,555, IL

Catholic Charities of Louisville, $196,267, KY

State of Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services, $168,059, ME

Center for Prevention of Hate Violence, $184,719, ME

Minnesota African Women’s Association, Inc., $123,758, MN

Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment, $168,370, MN

Karen Community of Minnesota, $169,000, MN

Montagnard Human Rights Organization, $181,390, NC

Asian Community & Cultural Center, $125,000, NE

Southern New Hampshire Services, $118,420, NH

The International Rescue Committee, $199,962, NY

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, Inc., $
107,590, NY

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, Inc., $152,056, NY

Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees, Inc., $79,226, NY

US Together, Inc., $141,572, OH

IRCO-Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization, $200,000, OR

Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee, $195,608, TN

Somali Bantu Association of San Antonio, $174,345, TX

Somali Bantu Community of Greater Houston, $125, 695, TX

Association of Africans Living in Vermont, $165,531, VT

Pan African Community Association, $166,824, WI

We have a whole category on ECBOs, here.   By the way, if you have one or more of these groups in your city or state, please look into their activities and their finances.  They should all be filing Form 990s and reporting how much of their funds come from the government (you!).

11 thoughts on “Sequester suggestion for the day: defund the Ethnic Community Based Organizations!

  1. Those are nothing more than funding programs for ‘community activists’. What a waste. It is promoting balkanization and identity politics. Of course the only ethnic group not allowed to have an identity are white people.


    1. White people aren’t allowed to have an identity?

      Explain to me these cultural phenomena:

      Country music
      Hard rock
      Grunge music
      AP English classes
      Daughters of the American Revolution
      Irish Heritage organizations
      Italian Heritage organizations
      Greek Heritage organizations
      German Heritage organizations
      European American organizations/associations
      The majority of mainstream television & film produced in the U.S.
      Colonial Williamsburg
      The folk music revival which happens about every 20 years
      Modern architecture
      Christian evangelical pop music, radio stations, etc
      Mommy blogs
      The gentrification of Brooklyn

      I could go on…


      1. Sure they have all those identities, isn’t it great. But, I will criticize any of those that take other peoples tax dollars to promote their “identity.” That is not the role of government! They can promote their ethnicity, their hobby, their church, their music choices—with their own private money!


        1. I was more interested the above poster’s assertion about “not being allowed” to have/express white identity. I realize you’re more interested in the financials. I think you could see many cases in which my somewhat tongue-in-cheek list is surely subsidized by public monies….”Appalachia” being one. Ever heard of the Appalachian Regional Commission? It may even cover where you’re located. A lot of public, Fed money flows through that. Many “Appalachian” identity/oriented orgs receive ARC or other public monies. Would you consider them ECBOs?


          1. I don’t know anything about them—Appalachian Regional Commission—but from what you’ve said I disapprove because I see such corruption at local levels when any federal money is flowing like a river out of Washington. And, yes, these would include white local corrupt non-profits and white (and black too) elected officials. If I had enough time in the day, I would write a blog about them too! Actually what gets me the most is anyone using a cover of do-gooderism to hoodwink the taxpayers into paying for their ‘whatever.’ I see it all the time with land use (faux preservation) issues.

            With refugees its the same old stuff, we are emotionally blackmailed to take in the third world and pay for it. But, its those groups (mostly made up of white people btw) who are sucking off the federal teat that benefit! And, it’s all wrapped in secrecy. I see my job as getting the full picture to the public.


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