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Canada refugee numbers drop sharply; Refugee Council complains

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 10, 2013

Update May 11th:  But, but, but ‘we will get back on track when we open a mission in Iraq’ says Kenney, here.  Critics claim Kenney only wants the Christians, Kenney says, not true—we take Muslims!

Canada took less than 10,000 refugees in 2012 and the Canadian Council for Refugees, a leading pro-immigration advocacy group in Canada, is unhappy.   Immigration Minister Jason Kenney blames the slowdown on the closure of their processing office in Syria and promises to do better this year.

From the International Business Times:

Kenney critic Loly Rico of the Refugee Council of Canada

Despite its pledge to resettle more refugees, Canada granted asylum to the second lowest number of refugees in over 30 years according to statistics released by the Canadian Council for Refugees. The statistics shows a drop of 26 percent in the number of refugees resettled in the country from 2011 to 2012.

The Canadian Council for Refugees in a press release expressed its disappointment to witness the sharp drop last year.

“We very much regret that the Minister has not been able to keep his promise to increase the numbers, and that in fact last year fewer people were able to find safety in Canada in this way,” said Loly Rico, President of the Canadian Council for refugee.

“Canadians are proud to protect refugees through resettlement to Canada – but unfortunately the government has been closing the door on refugees,” said Loly Rico.

While commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Refugee Convention in Geneva December 2011, the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney pledged to increase the number of refugees by 20 percent.

The immigration minister in recent days has blamed the closure of refugee offices in Syria for the sharp drop in the number of refugees resettled by the Canadian federal government.


Resettled refugees come in two streams: Government-Assisted Refugees and Privately Sponsored Refugees. Arrivals in both categories decreased dramatically in 2012.   [The US does not have “privately sponsored refugees” except in a few small number of cases—ed]

According to the statistics, only 5,412 Government-Assisted Refugees were resettled – the lowest number since at least the 1970s, and only 4,212 refugees were received through Private Sponsored Refugees.

In a related story last week, we reported that Canada is speeding up asylum claims so that the citizens of Canada won’t have to support migrants who do not have legitimate asylum claims and need to be cared for sometimes for years as their claims are processed.   That’s a good move and one we should be copying.

For new readers!  Be sure to check our Canada archives, here, where we have 108 other posts about refugee problems in Canada.

9 Responses to “Canada refugee numbers drop sharply; Refugee Council complains”

  1. Missy Dunn said

    Canada is a multi-cultural and diverse nation! Pierre Trudeau had a dream. He dreamed of a colourful nation where people from all walks of life live side-by-side in harmony. Since Pierre made Canada a multi-cultural country in 1979, every successive Prime Minister had upheld that dream and ensured that the immigration policies reflect the dream. Since 9/11, the government of Canada and the U.S have defined an enemy that poses a threat to our freedom and liberty: radical Islam. Ever since this clear identification, Canada has let in hundreds if thousand of Islamic people from nations that openly support terrorism and jihad. But no need to worry cause our Canadian liberal hearts bleed for these Muslims who are seeking a better life. We welcome them with open arms and we open our bleeding hearts to them. In return, they will be very thankful for our generosity, compassion and hospitality. Peace be upon our great multi-cultural nation of Canada and Lord have mercy upon our bleeding hearts when we are punished as infidels.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Sorry I didn’t post this sooner, comment just showed up on 3/13! Sometimes wordpress can be weird!


  2. John Henry said

    Why on earth would anyone want more muslim refugees in our country. Please Mr. Kenny we enough trouble with them already and it’s nothing compared to what is going on in France and Spain and that god forsaken has-been, England. Wise up … we need people to come here who actually share our values. Muslims hate us and you know it.


  3. How about Christian refugees from Islamic countries, because they’re being slaughtered as the world sleeps.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, but I’ll bet you a buck that a very high percentage of Canada’s approved refugees are Muslims—-it is a way to show how wonderfully tolerant we are in the West.


  4. Ali Babba said

    “Canada took less than 10,000 refugees in 2012 and the Canadian Council for Refugees, a leading pro-immigration advocacy group in Canada, is unhappy. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney blames the slowdown on the closure of their processing office in Syria and promises to do better this year.”

    By doing better this year I hope that he means reduce the refugee influx to zero, and then aim for repatriation of the ones that we already have.


  5. Ted Bopp said

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!


  6. Ann

    This is a ltttle off subject but there is an article you should read from Brian Bollinger who has worked for many years for WR in Atlanta and who is a strong evangelical christian and a conservative politically about the planned reduction of refugees in Georgia. It is very heartfelt and Brian has bought a house right next to one of the substandard apartments so as to be closer to his clients. I know your issues are government funding but I think it useful to hear from those who have committed to settling refugees as an occupation. WR is exemplary in Atlanta and they have committed Christian staff who have been here many years. As I do not have your personal email, I am posting it here.

    Go to google and search “Creative Loafing Atlanta” and do an search on their search engine for “refugees” and you will see his letter/article. Creative lLoafing is an entertainment and liberal political weekly in Atlanta and Charlotte. You may want to put his letter/article on the site for comment.


  7. paskudni said

    Good news, the less refugees, the better. There are no jobs now for Canadians.


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