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Archive for April 22nd, 2013

Somali man pleads guilty to rape charges in Portland, ME

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 22, 2013

Readers, I have so much more to report on the “refugee” bomber boys, but virtually no time today (LOL! I’m the farm laborer around here!).  However I wanted to quickly post this update story about the Somali youth (all just youngsters in the mainstream media) in Maine (also a member, we presume in good standing, of the religion of peace) whose rape case has been dragging on because no one who admitted him to the US as a refugee actually knew how old he was.  More of our great screening of refugees from terrorist countries.

Ladies, how would you like to wake up and find this ‘youth’ in your bedroom? Photo Tim Greenway / Staff Photographer, Portland Press Herald

For background, here are our earlier reports.   Here is AP (thanks to a reader for sending it last Friday).

PORTLAND (AP) — An 18-year-old Portland man has pleaded guilty to breaking into a 50-year-old woman’s apartment as she slept and raping her.  [Guess she didn’t keep a gun!—ed]

Mohammed Mukhtar had sought to be tried on the charges as a juvenile. But under a plea agreement reached Thursday, the refugee from Somalia will face eight years in prison and could be deported after release.

He is being held without bail pending sentencing next Thursday in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court.

The Portland Press Herald reported that Mukhtar pleaded guilty to charges including gross sexual assault, burglary and aggravated criminal trespassing.

The case went back and forth from juvenile court to adult court because of confusion over Mukhtar’s age. His lawyer said he was 17 at the time of the attack.

He could get up to eight years in prison (I thought rapists were getting 20 years these days?) before being deported.  Heck, why not just deport him now with others we are sending back to the ‘new’ Somalia.   And, save us some money!

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