Gang of Eight provides “slush fund” for refugee resettlement contractors

….or any number of other non-profit groups with experience in serving immigrants.

Your tax dollars!

We mentioned it here a few days ago, but the Center for Immigration Studies highlights the new grant program to benefit the bill’s lobbyists in a piece this morning, by Jon Feere.

The pro-amnesty lobbyists who helped craft the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill included within the bill two “slush funds” amounting to $150 million that may be supplemented with additional taxpayer dollars for years to come. Slush fund grantees are “public or private, non-profit organizations” described in the bill as including “a community, faith-based, or other immigrant-serving organization whose staff has demonstrated qualifications, experience, and expertise in providing quality services to immigrants, refugees, persons granted asylum, or persons applying for such statuses.” In other words, the grantees would include many of the groups involved in writing and promoting the amnesty.

Section 2537 of the Schumer-Rubio bill provides “Initial Entry, Adjustment, and Citizenship Assistance” grants to public and private, non-profit organizations that promise to help illegal immigrants apply for the amnesty (p. 384). For example, this includes help with “completing applications”, “gathering proof of identification”, and “applying for any waivers”. But the recipients of these funds are given a lot of discretion, as the funds can also be used for “any other assistance” that the grantee “considers useful” to aliens applying for amnesty. The bill appropriates $100 million in grant funding for a five-year period ending in 2018, plus any additional “sums as may be necessary for fiscal year 2019 and subsequent fiscal years”. (p. 392). There are no limits to the amount of money that may be given out to pro-amnesty groups.

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So who are those “faith-based” and “immigrant-serving organizations” we are familiar with here at RRW—the federal refugee contractors euphemistically called Volags (short for Voluntary Agencies) paid largely by the US taxpayer to resettle refugees.

I already know that most of these ‘non-profits’ are lobbying for the Gang of Eight bill (I just haven’t bothered to check each website).  There are hundreds more smaller groups that will be squabbling over the new federal handout if the ‘Gang’ is successful.

I’ve wondered aloud why these contractors, charged with finding jobs for LEGAL refugees and asylees, are pushing for the legalization of millions of illegal alien job-competitors—this new pot of money is surely near the top of the list for reasons why!

I wonder does Bill O’Reilly know how deep the Catholic Bishops are in this refugee/asylum industry?  (They are the largest of the nine, followed by the IRC and LIRS):

6 thoughts on “Gang of Eight provides “slush fund” for refugee resettlement contractors

  1. The extent to which the tentacles of the Immigration (Legal/Illegal), Refugee, Asylum Seeker Industry reach into every aspect of our lives is alarming beyond belief. We have gone full circle in many ways and find ourselves butting into our own “rears” by
    serving simultaneous masters that encourage cutting and increasing taxes, increasing military aid to our many Muslim dominated “enemy” countries, creating havoc in these same countries then reaching out to offfer to “take” in the resulting refugees and asylum seekers who in turn come here and create havoc, disrupt society as criminals and cause huge expense to pay for their sustainance in America. All this while thumbing their noses at us!

    The news that the Boston Marathon bombers received huge amounts of welfare money to maintain everyday living expenses, preferential education, and gladly absorbed every conceivable gift this Sucker Nation willing to give, all of this while planning to blow us up. And now we learn that the Muslim Doctrine Of Hijra, from the Koran, encourages their ilk to immigrate around the world, (by whatever means necessary) in order to plant the rancid seeds of Islam/Shariah.

    The Gang Of Eight comprehensive immigration plan is nothing more than a money pit into which the same lack of decisive action is thrown, that solves nothing and creates more expense. That Rubio has thrown in with such a group is a big disappointment to me, and serves to reduce him dramatically in my esteem.


    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! And, yes, many of us originally had great hope for Rubio and it makes no sense now for him to continue to support this monstrosity…. although I’m wondering if it has something to do with the huge Cuban community in FL. You know we still take thousands of Cuban “refugees” every year. I bet there is a lot of $$$ in the Cuban “community.” Hmmm… could this be about money rather than a concern for the downtrodden????


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