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Montgomery Co. MD man arrested for racist graffiti

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 6, 2013

The 32-year old “student” Dawit Bezuneh was arrested for scrawling “Death to America” and “Cracker is inferior race” on the walls of his school—Montgomery College/Takoma Park. 

This is hilarious!  Takoma Park is the hometown of Thomas Perez soon to be Obama’s Labor Secretary, the birthplace of CASA de Maryland (scroll down to second half of this post), and it’s a town that allows non-citizens to vote—hardly a town whose residents could be called ” white crackers.”   They “welcome” immigrants there, just like Cambridge, Mass does!

Dawit Bezuneh arrested for writing “Death to America” and racist slurs in Takoma Park, MD

I’m guessing Bezuneh is an Ethiopian refugee or asylee (DC area is loaded with them), but of course no media accounts (I read several) mention his immigration status or his nationality.

Here is the story from Scott McCabe at the Washington Examiner (last Friday):

A 32-year-old District of Columbia man has been accused of vandalizing Montgomery College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus with racist graffiti.

Takoma Park police said 32-year-old Dawit Bezuneh used spray paint to tag “Death to America” and green and red markers to write “Cracker is inferior race,” “white crackers” throughout the school.

Cracker, sometimes “white cracker,” is sometimes a pejorative expression for white people, police said.

The vandalism occurred between October and April and appeared to be racially motivated, [duh!–ed] police said. Graffiti was written inside classrooms, bathrooms, in the library and on computer equipment.

Bezuneh was charged with malicious destruction of property, malicious destruction of property scheme, and race, religion ethnic property damage. More charges are pending, police said.

Readers, assuming he is Ethiopian (but even if he isn’t, this is interesting anyway!), check out this post about an Imam in Northern Virginia stirring up Ethiopian Muslims with “jihad talk.”  We have many more posts on Ethiopian refugees so just type “Ethiopians” into our search function for more.

5 Responses to “Montgomery Co. MD man arrested for racist graffiti”

  1. […] Montgomery Co. MD man arrested for racist graffiti […]


  2. Jewel said

    We must forever after call him Dimwit.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes! That sums it up! But, I bet we never hear of this guy again, somehow the charges will be dropped (mentally impaired!) and he will be gone from the news…


  3. I just love it when foreigners come here, join their own ilk in glomming onto the plethora of gimmie-grant dollars available to them, and then plot to destabilize and overthrow us from within. What kind of Sucker Nation continues to allow folks who hate our country to come here and cause us misery?

    If and when that happens I don’t know who will provide their sustainance. But then, what kind of Sucker Nation elects a president who goes around the world expressing his dislike for us?

    I have come in contact with Etheopians and Eritreans crossing illegally into our country from Mexico through the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. All are Muslims, and all come here with the assistance of their countrymen already in America, and all had a specific place to go when they were apprehended.

    It is estimated that 60% of the illegal aliens crossing our borders, travel visa holders overstaying their time limits, student visa holders who come here and never enter school and disappear are from China, India, Africa and the Middle East.

    This is how Obama and his czars are re-seeding the USA, systimatically by encouraging illegal immigration and directing legal immigration, in order to change the political, ethnic and religious balance in such a way that wil eventually insure a much higher percentage of voters whose allegiance be boughtl


  4. genomega1 said

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    Montgomery Co. MD man arrested for racist graffiti


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