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American Somalis protest against South Africa mistreatment of fellow Somalis

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 8, 2013

This is an interesting turn of events.  Just this morning I wrote about Somalis in South Africa protesting the “xenophobic” treatment of Somali migrants by other black people in the Rainbow Nation, here.

Now comes news (really only the photo below, I couldn’t find a story) about a protest in Columbus, Ohio (one of the largest Somali resettlement sites in the US) in support of Somalis in South Africa and against the government there.

American Somalis should tell Obama to put pressure on the African National Congress to be more welcoming when he visits there later this month, after all that’s what the Rainbow Nation idea was all about.  Right?

Also, today, it has been reported that the man considered the father of this model socialist government, 94-year-old Nelson Mandela, has been hospitalized in Johannesburg.

This is from the Columbus Dispatch:

Hamain Ismail of Columbus holds the Somali flag during a march on the North Side before attending speeches about the mistreatment of Somalis in South Africa. Local Somalis gathered in the parking lot of the former Value City Department Store on Innis Road to call attention to the situation.
Eric Albrecht | DISPATCH

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