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Crime and death rates rising in Gaza Strip (so they say)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 9, 2013

Palestinians, of course, blame it on Israel.

Just have a look at some of the reasons they are dying in Gaza—family disputes, misuse of weapons and tunnel collapses—and it is all Israel’s fault!

Dying in tunnel collapses! But, we can’t live without our KFC smuggled under the border with Egypt. AFP/Getty Images


From Al-Monitor:

Mustafa Ibrahim, a researcher for the Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights, told Al-Monitor that eight citizens were killed in the Gaza Strip in May. The deaths were the result of family disputes, robberies, tunnel collapses and suicides.

He pointed out that the commission observed a significant increase in the rate of violence in the West Bank and Gaza from the beginning of the year until April compared to the same period last year.

He added that about 61 people were killed in Gaza and the West Bank because of family disputes, misuse of weapons, tunnel collapses on the border with Egypt, apartment building collapses and the lack of safety measures in industrial workshops and other places.

Wait for it!  You knew it would be in the article somewhere!

Ibrahim said that the crime rate is related to the living conditions, particularly in Gaza. He said that the high unemployment rate, the Israeli blockade and the continual power outages are frustrating the people.

This reminds me, take 5 minutes and watch “We con the World!” from Latma.  2.6 million views to date!

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