“Climate refugees” recognized in Gang of Eight bill now before the full Senate

Here is one more reason, you must call your Senators today and tomorrow and tell them NO on “comprehensive” immigration reform.  The word is that Janet Napolitano (or her successor) could decide that “climate-change refugees” are worthy of admitting to the US.

Climate refugees coming to a town near you? I love this illustration! It comes from Diplo (http://www.diplomacy.edu/blog/climate-refugees-new-concept-move)

For readers who have never heard the preposterous thesis on “climate refugees,” see our special category going back several years, here.

From Curtis Cartier of MSN News:

An amendment in the Senate’s immigration bill would address the flood of people fleeing countries affected by climate change.

TRUE:  Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz’s amendment would potentially give legal status to climate-change refugees

Last week, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) offered an amendment to the immigration-reform bill currently being debated in the U.S. Senate, which would allow certain people fleeing countries that have been made uninhabitable by climate change to obtain legal status to stay in the United States. And with an estimated 32 million people becoming so-called “climate-change refugees” last year, there may be no shortage of applicants.

Schatz’s office sent a statement to MSN News outlining his reasons for introducing the amendment:

“… the immigration bill recognizes that some people in the United States have lost their nationality and are living in the country in limbo. They are not allowed to stay in the United States but they no longer have a home country to which they can return. The immigration bill establishes a new process for someone already in the United States to come forward and apply to be recognized as a ‘stateless person’ so that he or she can remain in the United States legally.”

As for assurance that passing the bill with the amendment wouldn’t prompt an influx of millions of displaced refugees, Schatz’s statement continues:

“The amendment would not allow foreigners to move to the United States because their nation is affected by climate change. This amendment to the immigration bill gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the discretion, but not an obligation, to take into account situations in which a person cannot return to their country because it’s uninhabitable due to climate change.”

Amendment mocked by conservative websites

The very existence of man-made climate change has become a hot-button political topic among certain Republicans and Democrats, and Schatz’s bill has already sparked derision and mocking from right-wing websites. Breitbart.com demanded that Republicans “pull the plug” on the immigration bill over the amendment, and Weasel Zippers compared people fleeing climate change to “refugees who are being terrorized by the Abominable Snowman.

The whole concept is worthy of derision however, those pushing it are dead serious and have been at their mission for years.  Call the Senate!  Here is a good summary of where we are!

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