Refugee Resettlement Watch celebrates 6th anniversary

Actually it was on July 1, but I forgot about it until today!

Who knew six years ago that an encounter with the Virginia Council of Churches (contractor Church World Service) in Hagerstown, MD would have led me to what is turning into a daily mission to bring to light the problems associated with refugee resettlement primarily as it is presently practiced in the United States.

Writing daily as well about other parts of the world, and about other aspects of immigration, helps us better understand what is happening to America.

Since July 1, 2007, blog partner Judy and I have written 4,805 posts.  That is an average of 2.2 posts every day.

We have had 1,487,605 visitors.  And, I thought it was funny to see that on July 11th, 2007 we celebrated our 200th visitor.  This blog has a very narrow focus, so we are thrilled at the number of visitors we receive!

Our best day was this year, on May 29th, when we wrote a post entitled: ‘They are fighting back in Sweden.‘ There were 6,512 views that day, 5,129 clicked on that post.

In February 2012, wordpress began reporting statistics on what countries readers were arriving from.  Here are the top ten, with the US, of course, leading the way:

US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Sweden, South Africa, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia (that one surprised me!).

The top five posts of all time are these:

Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheets (latest fact sheet posted June 20th)

How did we get so many Somali refugees (2008)

Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis? (2011)

Asylum seekers head for Israel (2009)

Muslim immigration killing Sweden (2009)

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6 thoughts on “Refugee Resettlement Watch celebrates 6th anniversary

  1. Thanks from Australia our PC press often won’t report what you do!
    With the Egyptian Coup I see the USA still feeds the Moslems even though it’s now illegal for them to do so (as it’s a Coup).
    The USA has lost it’s moral compass. Get ready for a wave of Egyptian Moslem refugees
    Again the USA refuses to recognize Islam is the problem and sleeps with our enemy
    Same with Australia


    1. It is really incredible isn’t it…why isn’t it as plain to the politically correct as it is to us?

      Oh, and by the way, as I write this I can hear the fighter jets overhead—it happens every time Obama spends a weekend at Camp David, never remember hearing the continuous jets during the Bush Admin….grrr!


  2. A big fat Happy Birthday and thank you very much for your hard work. I find that people don’t want to know what is going on in case they may have to get off their lasy fat arses and do something – soon it will be too late.


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