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Feds have no idea if/when Asylees like the Tsarnaevs leave the country, return to country that persecuted them

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 19, 2013

That is what a House Committee heard in testimony from the USCIS on Wednesday.  Thanks to a reader for alerting us to this story.

I assume this means that Mama Tsarnaev has now lost her asylum privileges and her welfare check!

From FierceHomelandSecurity:

When individuals granted asylum return to the country they’d fled, they can lose their asylum privileges-but only if U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services knows about it, the head of the agency’s asylum program said during a House hearing July 17.

Joseph Langlois, the associate director for refugee, asylum and international operations at USCIS, suggested that the agency would not have known that Tamerlan Tsarnaev–the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who died in a gunbattle with police–traveled in 2012 to Russia, which his family had received asylum from.

Langlois told the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security that he couldn’t publicly discuss the Tsarnaev family in particular for confidentiality reasons. But he did speak in general terms about cases like that of Tamerlan.

When an asylee comes back to the United States after traveling abroad, Customs and Border Protection can alert USCIS about an asylee’s travel, he said.  [Gee, I wonder if they were alerted about Tsarnaev and did nothing—ed]

“We do have referrals from CBP. They are not great in number though,” Langlois said.

Additionally, those referrals only come from entries into the United States–Langlois said it was his understanding that USCIS has no knowledge when asylees depart for the country where they said they feared persecution.

The father of the Tsarnaev brothers reportedly applied for asylum after arriving in the United States legally, under a tourist visa, which would make him an affirmative asylum applicant. Individuals in removal proceedings, on the other hand, can apply for asylum defensively, at which point USCIS screens them for credible fear of persecution.

Asylum claims up 400% since Obama took office.

Langlois said the agency is on track to receive about 29,000 defensive applications this year–an increase of about 400 percent since 2009. He added though that there have been large fluctuations in applications, both defensive and affirmative, in recent years.

We have 25 previous posts on the political “refugees”, the Tsarnaevs, in our Boston Marathon bombing category.

Remember that those granted asylum get all the taxpayer-funded goodies that refugees get.

2 Responses to “Feds have no idea if/when Asylees like the Tsarnaevs leave the country, return to country that persecuted them”

  1. I am glad that these people are losing their privilege of living here on Welfare and the American Citizens supporting them. We don’t have a clue how many regugees or illegals are terrors. Look at AZ fire!

    We have a lot of fraud in food stamps, if these people are guilty they should be sent back to home country and never allowed back here. our government gives a lot of money to help these refugees and illegals to open a store and they take advantage of our country in fraud. In my area it is common that an illegal will rent a house for his family and there may be 5 families living in that house.

    One illegal who had been here 20 years, 3 kids born here, he worked and family on Welfare. Oldest daughter had a baby, no father in picture, she was on Welfare. Her father ask her to report to Welfare she was renting the house so she could get money for rent. They were already getting section 8 with the mother on Welfare. When the S.W and DA investaged the house the basement was full of mattresses. They were harboring illegals and chg them rent. The father of this girl had a lease on the house. The parents were sent back to home country, oldest girl put in an apartment with baby, she was given custody of her sisters. They were all on Welfare and foster care. Because the kids were born here even if the parents were illegal. A BIRH-RIGHT LAW WOULD STOP THIS FRAUD AND WOMEN COMING HERE TO HAVE A BABY. goodle Pregnant Chinese women in Chino Hills, CA to have baby and the baby will come back and stay in foster care and Welfare when child is 5. This takes care of the one child law in China.


  2. The Federal Bureau of islamization knew.

    It was busy NOT monitoring this couple !

    FBI director admits to lapse before Marathon bombing

    By Noah Bierman | GLOBE STAFF JUNE 14, 2013


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