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A reminder for readers, we have a lot of material here at RRW

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 28, 2013

I always find it interesting to see the Top Posts at RRW each day, and you might too.  As was the case yesterday, an older post was attracting the most attention—the one on MERS at Mecca, here.

The second most popular post in the last few days is the one on the UN dropping more hints that the West will be pressured into taking Syrian refugees, here.  And, then the report on food stamp fraud is the third most visited post.  See our right hand side bar for the complete list (which may have changed by the time you read this!).

Linked on our header above is our newly updated fact sheet which almost daily makes the top most-read posts.

Readers might also want to take note of our categories especially the one entitled, Where to find information, it is full of posts on where documents may be found, statistics on refugees and immigrants generally, and reports on programs, their costs and who is running the show.

And, as I have mentioned previously, our search function is a good one.  Just type in a couple of key words—Buffalo NY refugees, for example—and everything we have written using those words will come up.  I use it all the time because, after nearly 5,000 posts in 6 years, it’s sometimes hard to remember what we have written!

Another statistic of interest to me, but one you can’t see, is the search terms people use to find RRW.  Yesterday the list was topped by people searching for Somalis Minneapolis, Somalis St. Cloud, and Somalis North Dakota.

We have readers from all over the world.  Of course the US tops the list but is followed by these countries making up the top ten in the last 30 days:  Australia, UK, Canada, Malta, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, India, and Thailand.

RRW is on facebook, here (although I am terrible about going there) and on twitter (AnnC@refugeewatcher).  Help us get more followers!

Thanks for visiting RRW!

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