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Why is Catholic Charities calling the shots on the demographic make-up of Nashville?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 8, 2013

Why?  Because the US State Department assigned the supposed non-profit that role after a foolish Governor gave it up.   Writer and Nashville resident Don Barnett tells us more about this stunning loss of state’s right in his opinion piece at The Tennessean today (posted below in its entirety).

Old graphic, but you get the point! Nashville (the home of country music) has more refugees than 29 other US states.

Be sure to have a look at my post in February, here, also about Nashville and how it’s all about turning ‘red’ states ‘blue.’

Barnett (emphasis mine):

At what level of taxpayer support for an entity do we stop calling that entity a “non-government organization” or a “religious nonprofit”?

Revenue in 2011 for Migration and Refugee Services, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) refugee contracting arm, was more than $72 million, about 98 percent of which came from the taxpayer in the form of government grants or federal contracts. Would it surprise anyone to find it subject to the same incentives and laws of behavior that have driven federal contractors since the birth of the republic?

USCCB’s main source of contracts and grants comes from refugee resettlement. The U.S. resettles nearly three times the refugees as the rest of the industrialized world combined, and the USCCB wants that number increased.

According to a recent report from the Washington think tank Migration Policy Institute (MPI), publicly funded private resettlement agencies, USCCB being the largest of nine, “meet with state and local agencies on a quarterly basis regarding the opportunities and services available to refugees in local communities and the ability of these communities to accommodate new arrivals. They also consult with the state refugee coordinator on placement plans for each local site. … If a state opposes the plan, the State Department will not approve it.”

A July 2012 GAO report was a little more real world than the MPI report stating that “Most resettlement agencies … consult with some public entities such as state refugee coordinators; however, most public entities such as public schools and health departments generally said that agencies notified them of the number of refugees expected to arrive in the coming year, but did not consult them regarding the number of refugees they could serve…”

Both reports assume a state government role in the resettlement process. The state refugee coordinator evaluates the plans of the private contractors, representing the interests of the taxpayer in the process. That’s the way it is supposed to work, in theory.

In Tennessee, however, the state refugee coordinator is an employee of Catholic Charities, an affiliate of USCCB. Resettlement of the U.N.-selected refugees is Tennessee Catholic Charities’ largest mission and largest revenue item by far.

In 2008, Gov. Phil Bredesen thought he was streamlining the process and saving money by outsourcing the state coordinator function to the contractor. Instead, he gave up the opportunity for the state to have any input in a process that affects the state and set up a textbook illustration of a conflict of interest.

The annual cost of the program to Tennesseans went up immediately after the state handed over the position of state refugee coordinator. Today, Metro Nashville alone resettles more refugees than each of 29 states in the U.S.

A bill introduced in the 2013 Tennessee legislature had the modest goal of requiring Catholic Charities to keep an accounting of the numbers of refugees it places into programs that carry a cost to the state taxpayer. TennCare, for instance, is about 30 percent funded by the state and most refugees are placed in TennCare upon arrival.

Opposition to the bill was led by none other than the state refugee coordinator, whose motto seems to be “the less the public knows about this, the better.” The bill was deferred for “summer study” where bills often die. In this case, however, it may well come up again.

Hopefully, the 2014 legislature will act to require the contractor to record at least a portion of the costs it is running up on the taxpayers’ tab. A reasonable next step is for Tennessee to reclaim the function of the state refugee coordinator. This office should be representing the taxpayer, not the interests of a private contractor.

Note to citizens elsewhere—-you should at minimum be demanding to know what refugees are costing your state for healthcare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, education and other social services.

Nashville is so significant that we have an entire category (53 previous posts!) devoted to the city and the problems there with refugee resettlement, click here.   Be sure to see some of the recent posts on how Nashville’s open borders advocates  are taking their Nashville game plan to other cities.

3 Responses to “Why is Catholic Charities calling the shots on the demographic make-up of Nashville?”

  1. […] Why is Catholic Charities calling the shots on the demographic make-up of Nashville? […]


  2. tomasrose said

    Ran Kelvin is certainly correct. Here is a paper laying out the ‘vision’ for Nashville, straight out of the Allinsky playbook – written by a Vanderbilt divinity student


  3. Ran Kelvin said

    First I guess that I need to declare that I am a Catholic for no other reason than to short circuit any response that what I am about to say is “anti-Catholic”. With that said I will tell you my story and follow with my opinion.

    Catholicism has undergone the same earthshaking undermining of its tenets, i.e. philosophy and related action. Quite simply, the Church has become captive of socialists and perhaps communists or at least globalists that under the guise of social justice, are involved in the daily destruction of the Spiritual Church and with the supreme goal of deconstructing the West, in particular Europe and North America. Of course not all Catholic Clergy fit this discription however, most of the “organizations” that loosely are Catholic are only so by being called Catholic. These organizations such as Catholic Charities have long ago stopped being anything akin to the True Church. Catholic Charities and others like Pax Christi are political organizations that seek as obama has said, “fundamental change” In essence we have offered premium pay to the wolves to watch our sheep.

    I have encountered many Catholics who now seem to think it is their spiritual duty to change our society to one of diverse cultures. Some of these folks actually believe they are doing good, God’s Work. But don’t let that fool you dear reader. The great majority are bent on mischief and in my experience, truly evil. Now at this point it would not be fair to not also point to other religions that are involved in the same activities, some even more so than Catholics.

    So to answer the question of why should Catholic Charities decide for the State of Tennessee its demographic make-up, let’s start with who the USCCB is. Very simple, most American Bishops of the Catholic Church no longer care for the spiritual health of the flock. They are politicians driven by a philosphy that is foreign to Traditional America and should be to the Church as well. Some are trying to fight against this disgusting behavior and by the way, expose those clergy that have a habit of hiding child molesters and other evil deeds.It is an uphill battle. So, the USCCB used to collect from millions of good Catholics during periodic “drives” money that most of the givers could ill afford. Well, since the internet has become Freedom’s Friend, we have discovered where our money has gone- to political issues opposing our Traditional Catholic and American Life. And that is where the Catholic Charities comes in. It is the long arm of these clergy that have forgot their way and now do the devil’s work, which includes the inciting of discontent within our borders by creating a new Babylon.


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