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Abilene, TX: Case dismissed in African refugee translator sex case

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 15, 2013

African refugee witnesses got cold feet, were “terrified” to testify against Burundian man.

Diversity is beautiful update!  We first reported the arrest of Aloys Nzeyimana here in 2010.  I made a point then of mentioning that the man’s nationality was not published, but from this report we know now he is from Burundi.

Aloys Nzeyimana walks!

From ReporterNews Abilene:

The case involving a former interpreter who was charged with one count of indecency with a child, two counts of sexual assault and one count of burglary was dismissed Monday due to the lack of cooperation of witnesses and alleged victims with the district attorney’s office.

As it stands right now, Aloys Nzeyimana, a native of Burundi in central Africa, is not charged with anything. When he was first arrested in December 2010, Nzeyimana was a translator for the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, working mostly with African refugees.

He speaks English, French and Russian in addition to three African languages. Nzeyimana’s trial was supposed to have started Monday.

“We knew there would be an issue with the refugee community (in Abilene) because they sort of have an inherent distrust of authority coming from their background in their home countries, so we knew it would be a difficult case,” Taylor County Assistant District Attorney Dan Joiner said Monday. “But the (Abilene) police did a very good job and spent many, many hours talking with them, but we knew that when it came to trial, there’s going to be an issue of the alleged victims coming forward.”

Everyone is too “terrified” to testify.  Here is another report, this time from Big Country, where a reporter tries in vain to get someone to talk—most pretend they don’t understand English.

For new readers!  Texas is the second largest refugee “welcoming” state after California.  From 2007-2013, they “welcomed” over 40,000 refugees to the Red state that the Left is attempting to turn Blue, here, through demographic change.  Click here to have a look at where your state ranks.

11 Responses to “Abilene, TX: Case dismissed in African refugee translator sex case”



    Aloys Nzeyimana’s Fundraising Page 9/14/2011

    Aloys Nzeyimana’s Fundraising Page
    Story Media

    Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

    Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

    Many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Mike, you do find the most interesting information!


      • Thanks Ann, It seems that this is, this person.

        The funny thing is…ALL OF THIS is out there by these Morons, but no one wants to reveal it to the rest of us !

        For obvious reasons, right ?

        Keep up the good work !



    • So, Plan International Inc was founded 75 years ago by a British journalist. It looks like you’re trying to say that Plan “belonged” to Nzeyimana — which it clearly did not — it looks like he was ineffectually using a fundraising platform in which funds raised would be redirected to Plan (there are lot of these sites — you sign up to raise money, pick the charity you want it to go to, and the platform handles the monetary transactions).

      I know you spend a lot of time and effort digging up whatever obscure dirt you can on random people with foreign names, but it’s a deadend here. Looks like this guy Nzeyimana has other issues.


      • It actually seems that a “Aloys ” joined FirstGiving 3 years and 11 months ago (September 2009)

        And an “Aloys Nzeyimana” started his association with this “fundraising organization”, 9/14/2011, though it is difficult to understand…NOT SURPRISINGLY…whether one can conclude that this notation on the right hand side of the page, with the word “Past” and said aforementioned date mean exactly THAT !

        It seems that WHATEVER this “Aloys Nzeyimana” is using this page for, it’s not working out, because “Aloys Nzeyimana
        $0 raised for 1 nonprofit”

        You see “transparency” to some, is meant to be defined, literally, or to be inferred…FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS OF STEALTH that these “charity organizations, OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM, operate under.

        ONE THING IS FOR SURE, obfuscation is a staple motis operandi of these types of organization.

        It seems that having an alternate source of income, has come in handy, for our “translator” here, because “Nzeyimana was an employee of the Abilene-Taylor County Heath Department where he served as a translator for the African refugee community.
        He was fired from his job after being arrested.”

        Aloys seems to have been at the same time he was employed with the County, it was reported that “A second story, dated Feb. 27, 2005, reported that Nzeyimana served as a case manager with the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit agency that helps resettle refugees from around the world.

        While he was employed by the County and this “refugee organization”, “Nzeyimana was an engineer by trade who grew up in Burundi and studied in France and Russia. The story said he had served as a translator, working with new immigrants at the city-county health department since October 2005.”

        So much for receiving ANY formal training as a “translator”. And it speaks VOLUMES of how these FAKES, PHONIES, AND FRAUDS, sneak their way into our Government and naive “refugee organizations”. Apparently they got Aloys “cheaper”, because he was a FRAUD TO BEGIN WITH !

        You, especially RIVERDANCE, will be interested in just WHY he was arrested.

        “The victim reported Nzeyimana – a relative – entered her bedroom, forced her onto the bed, undressed her against her will, and sexually assaulted her. She also reported she was sexually assaulted on one other occasion (no date included). In addition, she alleged that on a third occasion he allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him. Nzeyimana has been charged in the first two cases, but no charge has been filed on the third alleged occurrence.”

        “dirt” ?

        It may be “dirt” to you, and you are free to use any word you want to, to disparage me, personally, because this is WHAT YOU DO HERE !

        It would be refreshing to bring us some facts here in your postings, instead, of your usual innuendo. It’s getting a little boring and predictable.


        • POST SCRIPT there “RIVERDANCE” !

          You know instead of being concerned about Plan International, one would think, one should be looking at the VERY politically active board members of the International Rescue Committee, who are, in total, VERY active in PROGRESSIVE international politics, and their “causes”.

          The IRS…Let’s see…in 1993 the IRC gave George Soros – Distinguished Humanitarian Award

          I think I will stop right there, because I won’t be able to top myself, with other names, as that SAYS IT ALL, OF WHAT THE IRC IS ABOUT !

          It would come as no surprise then, that the IRC would NOT be interested in hiring more, GENUINELY QUALIFIED TRANSLATORS, and letting loose their unqualified people upon these shores, when ANYONE like Aloys, seems to “do”.


          • It goes without saying that sexual assault is despicable. I didn’t think that aspect was ever up for debate.

            As far as the translator business goes — there are scant few nonnative speakers of languages like Somali, Acholi, KiSwahili (spoken widely in East Africa), Kirundi (spoken in Burundi) and other African languages. They are pretty difficult for native English speakers to learn, if even given the opportunity. Even rarer is someone who can speak these languages plus have fluency in multiple colonial languages like French and English. So yeah, a municipal gov or resettlement agency is definitely going to snatch people who fit the bill — that’s THE qualification in and of itself — what “formal training” are you talking about? Like a college degree in translating “French/English/Kirundi”?


        • Anyone can set up a profile on FirstGiving, CrowdRise, or a billion other websites like them to raise money for whatever cause they want. It’s not some big conspiracy. If a nonprofit group that you favor is registered on the website, even you can use it to raise funds. You won’t get the money directly, it goes straight to the organization. It’s fairly meaningless that Nzeyimana had a profile on there because 1) He didn’t raise anything and 2) He wouldn’t have gotten the money even if he did. I fail to see why you were so fixated on this, like it was some kind of red flag/big find.

          I don’t give two figs about George Soros yay or nay, but I’m aware he’s a big person of interest for conservatives. You must have been psyched to find that tenuous IRC connection.


          • “It goes without saying that sexual assault is despicable. I didn’t think that aspect was ever up for debate.”

            RiverDance, of course “it was never up for debate”…”DEBATE”, YOU SAY ? IT APPEARS TO BE an “incovenient” FACT OF THE CASE…inconvenient for you.

            Too “despicable” for you hey ???

            No stomach for it, because it’s a FACT ?


            “I don’t give two figs about George Soros yay or nay..”

            OF COURSE YOU WOULDN’T…BUT you know who he is, I’m sure. You are just denying he exists or his relevance in things..

            WELL, FOR THOSE WHO DEAL IN REALITY and live in THE REAL WORLD, here is a c/v of his activities…and just what he does…



  2. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on


  3. “I made a point then of mentioning that the man’s nationality was not published, but from this report we know now he is from Burundi.”

    Hmmmm. I guess he is supposed to come from MARS or somewhere, HUH ? DUH ?

    “Everyone is too “terrified” to testify. Here is another report, this time from Big Country, where a reporter tries in vain to get someone to talk—most pretend they don’t understand English.”

    Well, you can’t say these people ARE NOT GETTING INTO being Amur-ica, can you ?



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