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Swiss asylum-seeker controversy brings world-wide attention

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 15, 2013

This is an update of a story we posted last week about how some towns in Switzerland with detention facilities nearby, fearing crime, are restricting the movement of the ‘asylum-seekers’ from mostly Muslim countries.

This is from AFP and posted at Fox News, but the story is being reported in a whole host of media outlets.

Africans arriving in Switzerland (via Malta!) in 2012

Swiss citizen:  If they don’t like our laws they can go somewhere else or back to the country they came from!

Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe that welcomes the most asylum seekers in proportion to its population, with some 48,000 people currently in the process of applying for asylum in the small Alpine nation, including 28,631 who arrived in 2012 — the highest number since 1999.   [Welcomes!  Reporters world-wide have fallen for their lingo!—-ed]

Amid the recent spike in refugees, Switzerland has been rushing to open a slew of temporary asylum centres.

But the Swiss public, which in June overwhelmingly voted to tighten the country’s asylum laws, often resist the creation of such centres in their neighbourhoods.   [Where have we heard this before?  Oh yeh!  Germany!—ed]

Szoelloesy acknowledged that four of the 10 communities asked to host new centres since last year had been granted the right to set up “sensitive areas”, like Bremgarten, to help avoid “bad feelings” towards the asylum seekers.

Don’t like it here?  Leave!

“To tell you the truth, I think that if they are not satisfied with the laws in the country that is housing them they would be better off returning to their countries or going elsewhere,” young Solothurn local Maria told RTS.

Read the whole story.  The “human rights” cabal is up in arms and some Turks are demonstrating.

Photo is from this story about Switzerland taking 19 of the illegal aliens who arrived on Malta.  The US has taken at least 1,300 of Malta’s illegal migrants over the last few years.   Notice in this story that the presence of the Africans was kept from the public for months.

6 Responses to “Swiss asylum-seeker controversy brings world-wide attention”

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  2. Brittius said

    Another point is, how many of these refugees will be pushing women into prostitution? That is a problem crime as people believe it to be harmless but always is the axis for burglaries, assaults, armed robberies, car theft, homicide, kidnap. If these same women are engaging in the crime for tax free income, the men will busy themselves with engaging in other crimes. I do not see any statistics printed anywhere indicating any of that information. Real property values drop, and communities once nice, become ghettos. Diseases also spread through that crime.


  3. Brittius said

    Male White in photograph wearing face mask and Tyvek suit. Second Tyvek suit is in the far right corner of photo. Indications to me are that those people are possibly carrying lice and have other personal hygiene issues. Also, how is it that none of any refugees are given medical examinations as more than likely diseases are carried by them.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Good catch, I never even noticed the white suits and masks!

      I don’t know what the Swiss do, but the refugee advocates here in the US will tell you the refugees are screened for all diseases etc. However, check out our category entitled ‘health issues’ and see what is coming in with refugees including HIV and TB. I think this health issue may be the Achilles heal for this program. While Americans are ho-hum about such things as terrorism or the financial burden of welfare services, if there is some serious (publicized!) health crisis from refugees or immigrants of any sort in the near future, that is the one thing that will wake Americans up—when they or their kids can “catch” something!


      • pungentpeppers said

        Even if there’s an outbreak of a dangerous disease, Americans won’t be told where the disease comes from. Just look at recent news stories involving tuberculosis cases in our public schools. In Fairfax, VA, schools are asking for 1900 students and staff to be tested – but no word as to the source. In Greenwood County, SC, a janitor who was hired without a TB test spread the infection to others – but no explanation as to where the janitor picked up the TB. Schools in Jackson, MS, and Ft. Bragg, NC, also have had TB infections. Last week it was announced that a student in Parkville, MD, has the infection. Because of privacy rules and political correctness, the public will not be allowed to know how it came to be that their children caught TB in school.


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