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Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott: “This is our country and we will decide who comes here.”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 18, 2013

Note to readers:  I started this post two days ago which is an eternity in the on-going back and forth in Australia over the illegal alien boat people seeking asylum, so by now this may not be the latest news.  However, it is still worth posting because Americans, just for a moment, imagine having a political leader who speaks as frankly as Abbott!

Abbott: Enter Australia illegally and you will NEVER get permanent residency. Photo: Daily Telegraph

Australia is ahead of America in coming to the crisis point on immigration (both parties want to curb it because the voting public has had it!).

In the upcoming election, what to do about the boat people arriving by the thousands and asking for asylum is, as far as I can tell, THE pivotal issue in determining who will be the next Prime Minister.

Labor Prime Minister Keven Rudd recently instituted the PNG plan, go here for our coverage, and now the opposition coalition has a potentially more effective plan.

Those determined to be legitimate asylum-seekers will be regularly reviewed and eventually returned to their home country when things calm down there—they will never be given permanent residency in Australia.  That should slow the flow!

Here is the story at the Brisbane Times.  It is a long article and I’ve just selected a few bits that interest me and might encourage you to read the whole thing.

The Coalition has ramped up its hardline stance on refugees, announcing on Friday that almost 32,000 asylum seekers who have already arrived in Australia by boat will never get permanent settlement as well as stripping them of the right to appeal to the courts.

The Coalition would also introduce indefinite work-for-the-dole obligations for those found to be refugees.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott channelled former prime minister John Howard from 2001 when announcing the change to the policy in Melbourne.

”The essential point is, this is our country and we determine who comes here,” Mr Abbott said.

Boat people will NEVER be granted permanent residency!

According to Department of Immigration figures compiled last Friday, 31,986 asylum seekers are either in the community on bridging visas, in community detention, in mainland detention centres or on Manus Island and Nauru.

Mr Morrison and Mr Abbott said on Friday that a Coalition government would deny them the right to ever settle in Australia, creating a crucial point of difference between the two parties, now united on stopping the boats.

As part of the toughened policy, a Coalition government will scrap the right of asylum seekers to appeal to the courts, which in the March quarter brought the number of asylum seekers who were granted refugee status from 65.3 per cent to more than 90 per cent.


Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop said that on the contrary, the Coalition’s policy took away the people smugglers’ ”product” – which was permanent residency in Australia.

”We won’t be offering permanent residency,” she told Channel 9. ”When the situation improves [in asylum seekers’ home countries], they can go home.”

There is more, read it all.

For our complete Australia archive, click here.

Endnote:  When you visit the story at the Brisbane Times, note the photo of the cute “refugee kids” playing behind a fence, then contrast that photo (the type always used by the media) with these photos of ‘asylum seekers’ in Australia at Bare Naked Islam.

5 Responses to “Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott: “This is our country and we will decide who comes here.””

  1. […] Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott: "This is our country and we will decide who comes her… […]


  2. Yes! He is right! Everyone who wants to come here should get in line and come in the right way!
    Greencard workers shouldn’t have babies at the expense of tax payers and the kids shouldn’t be citizens.
    Our government doesn’t have a clue who is here and if they are terrors. We are in for a lot more of terrors threats and Obama is just covering this up just like the ambassador situaion. He wants to cause riots here so he can declair Martial Law and stay in office. Obama should be tried for crimes against our country.
    The Muslim laws didn’t work in any of the Muslim countries. The only people that are rich and have freedom is the dictators. They take money from the U.S.A to help the “people” in foreign countries and the only people that this helps is the leaders. When refugees come here they should be taken care of by families “not the tax payers”. If they want to live here “they will follow our laws”. The Sharia laws are not our laws and our government needs to stand up to our constituation. IF THEY DON’T LIKE OUR LAWS THEY CAN GO BACK TO HOME COUNTRY.


  3. YOU SEE, there is no hope for this man, in the long run…IF he has these conservative credentials, and the RED TIDE is against him…

    “… A devout Roman Catholic, he is opposed to abortion, although he has promised not to tinker with Australia’s abortion laws. And although his sister, Christine Forster, is gay, he is wedded to traditional notions of marriage.”

    ANYWAY, this is ALL “electioneering” and ANYONE WILL PROMISE ANYTHING, when “Abbott’s conservative Liberal-National Party coalition holding a 52 percent to 48 lead…”

    The proof is in the pudding, NOT in the pandering for Votes, by such a “mixed bag” as Abbott appears to be !



  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on


  5. petzlx said

    Both parties know that allowing Moslem “refugees” into Australia was and has never been wanted by Australia or Australians
    No matter what is said, it is always a lie that none of our two major parties will change or stop Islamic Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra invasion!
    This guy best explains major political parties

    Facts are Islam and Moslems best success is creating horror kleptocracies and with it refugees
    Nations with a Christian History need to stop aiding those with a Sharia history!
    Islam is the problem has been for over 1,400 years since the beginnings of Islam (stand back and let it die)


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