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“Fake” gays and lesbians getting asylum status in Europe

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 23, 2013

Less than two weeks ago, here, we predicted that the latest cool excuse for asking for asylum/refugee status is to claim discrimination due to one’s sexual orientation.  I wondered then how authorities would know if someone was lying or truly a homosexual (and truly persecuted).  Looks like the fraudsters are already hard at it in Europe!

Lesbian activist in South Africa which has legalized gay marriage and might be a good place for West African gays and lesbians to seek asylum—rather than in Europe!

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Hat tip: Joanne):

In Belgium, posing as a homosexual is the latest trick to get refugee status or benefit from the subsidiary protection by the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRA).

Originally from Ziguinchor, Fatouma* now lives in Liège near La Batte. The Senegalese woman, who moved to Belgium just over two years ago, obtained her residence permit in a rather unorthodox fashion. Fatouma was called in for an interview at the CGRA, the office that assesses refugee applications and ultimately grants refugee or subsidiary protection status to various foreign immigrants.

“I bought a made-up story from a Guinean man in Brussels. He told me to pose as a lesbian who was abused in her home country,” says Fatouma. The subsidiary protection status she enjoys was granted to her in five months.


Lucrative fake stories

Selling fake life stories has become a lucrative business. A group of professional story-makers hang around refugee shelters. The hub of this business is in Petit-Château in Brussels.

A storyline can cost up to 200 Euros. Senegalese and Guinean nationals are the “go-to people”, as they like to say. “They coach each other through emails. I know many Senegalese nationals involved in this business. They support each other. Guineans are now taking over,” explains one asylum seeker.

They are the uncontested kings. They guide newcomers from West Africa: those whose applications were rejected in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, and who come to Belgium or France for a second chance at obtaining refugee status.

Islam hates gays!   Here is another somewhat-related story where the message to all LGBT (HIV infected) people is to stay out of Somalia where the hardliners would like to kill you.   For the life of me I can’t figure out how the Hard Left reconciles having the Islamists in their political tent alongside Gay political activists.

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4 Responses to ““Fake” gays and lesbians getting asylum status in Europe”

  1. Scandal of the ‘gay’ asylum seeker rapist
    by FIONA BARTON, Daily Mail
    Last updated at 10:16 22 June 2006

    Gabriel Vengesai, who claimed he had fled Zimbabwe to avoid persecution for being gay, was jailed for a minimum of 13 years after raping a woman.
    When Gabriel ‘Jerry’ Vengesai arrived in Britain, he had a terrible tale to tell.
    The tall, rangey Zimbabwean was fleeing his country because he was a homosexual in a land where his sexuality was illegal and gays were condemned as ‘worse than pigs and dogs’.
    He sought asylum in this country because, he told immigration officers, if he was returned to Zimbabwe, he faced violence from the youth militia as well as inhumane and degrading treatment.
    Vengesai, who was 35 when he arrived in May 1996, presented a very persuasive case and, after a series of assessments by the Home Office, he was given permission to remain.

    You know where this story is going! Read it all.

    Read more:
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  3. Isn’t it AMAZING, how the minds of the Minds of these FREELOADERS AND THE WITTING, GOVERNMENTS, work ?

    “Britain, for a long period, has been appreciated for its tradition of granting asylum to those in danger from the governments of their home counties. It’s the right time for the Home Office not only to protect those homosexuals who have well-founded fear of persecution but also to put an end to the detention of the children and families of asylum seekers. The coalition government should immediately fulfil its promises and protect those vulnerable asylum seekers who are in risk of being deported. Most importantly, we shouldn’t forget that asylum is a human right.”



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