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Ethnic-based groups are taxpayer-supported “community organizers”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 27, 2013

They are ethnic supremacist groups using your tax dollars to get government goodies to THEIR people and getting those same people politically involved.

Note below that the feds only talk now about “integration.”  “Assimilation” is banned from the lingo.

This morning I wrote about Mayor Sarno and Springfield Massachusetts’ refugee overload and the local Ethnic Community Based Organization (ECBO) was mentioned.  It’s my view that taxpayer-funded ECBOs represent the very worst in unfair and wasteful government spending.  (I did not find government funding going to the Springfield group/one-man project—yet).

One of the many Ethnic groups your tax dollars support! Among other things they do job-training so refugees can compete better against poor unemployed Americans. I’m citing the Nile Sisters because I liked their logo, not because they are any worse than the others!

ECBOs are like ACORN except they are organized around certain ethnic groups.  Before the critics jump in here, people in America can form, and associate with, any private group they wish (unless it’s a criminal activity of course).  But, when groups are funded by the taxpayer and then engage in really what amounts to ethnic-supremacist practices and political organizing they become an abomination.

Simply put groups with such names as Somali Community Center, Iraqi Mutual Aid Society and Burmese Advocacy Center Corporation are doing a couple of things—finding all the social services they can find for THEIR people and then using those people for their political advocacy.  That is the ACORN model!  And, it’s ‘community organizing 101!’  How this helps them “assimilate” (oops! integrate) is beyond me, except that they learn how to take advantage of the people who pay taxes.

Most importantly these politically-active groups could not survive without your tax dollars!

Here is the Office of Refugee Resettlement (Health and Human Services) description of their (your!) ETHNIC COMMUNITY SELF HELP program (they stopped using the ECBO label at some point a few years ago).

This program provides assistance to refugee community based organizations and other groups that address community building, facilitate cultural adjustment and integration of refugees, and deliver mutually supportive functions such as information exchange, civic participation, resource enhancement, orientation and support to newly arriving refugees (and other refugees that maybe in need of such assistance regardless of their resettlement date) and public education to the larger community on the background, needs and potential of refugees. In short, the purpose is to promote community organizing that builds bridges between newcomer refugee communities and community resources.

LOL!  Not bridges between the newcomers and Americans but bridges between newcomer refugee and resources (code for public assistance)!

Do you have federally-funded ECBOs in your city?

Check out the 2011 Ethnic community organizing grantees here.   2012 is here.  If you find some in your home town, you need to begin to follow their activities and take every chance you get to spread the word that they are taxpayer-funded mini-ACORNS.

The galling thing is that when one of these ECBOs blasts critics by calling them “racists” they are doing it with the financial funding of the critics (aka racists)!

7 Responses to “Ethnic-based groups are taxpayer-supported “community organizers””

  1. petzlx said

    In the meantime Australia New Zealand takes 1000’s of American Refugees because they can’t afford USA medical bills (My best friends wife has epilepsy as example, I’m in Australia).
    Seems someones USA priorities are very wrong subsidizing thugs under the doubtful name of being “refugee” all Moslems can claim to be a Refugee but no Christians fleeing the horror Islam horror it has been for over1,400 years sine Islam began (the major majority of the worlds refugees are Moslem simply because Islam is the problem).
    Then how much money is for American homless (Don’t “worry” Australian Government is just as deranged as yours)


  2. pungentpeppers said

    Homeless immigrants and refugees from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Liberia, Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico count among those who have been living in a tent camp set up under a railroad bridge near downtown Indianapolis. Most have mental health issues or suffer from addictions. Police evicted the group because the bridge needed to be inspected. They arrested those who refused to move.

    Where are the refugee agencies that brought these refugees? Where are the community organizations that receive public funding? Where is the United Nations?!

    Read more here:


  3. pungentpeppers said

    One non-profit group that may not have received funding is the Ahiska Turkish American Community Center in Dayton, OH. The Ahiska are also known as Meskhetian Turks. This news story/video, “Creating Unity Among Diversity”, reports that the number of Ahista Turkish families in Dayton grew from 6 families in 2005, to 400 families in 2012, as Ahiska Turks moved to Dayton from other locations. The community center is credited for the increase.

    One Turkish group that is raking in taxpayer dollars in Dayton are the Turkish-run Gulen charter schools. Per this info, as of 2012-2013, Gulen controlled three taxpayer-supported schools in Dayton:

    Horizon Science Academy – Dayton Downtown, Enrollment 222
    Horizon Science Academy – Dayton Elementary, Enrollment 150
    Horizon Science Academy – Dayton High School, Enrollment 373

    CBS 60 Minutes did an unflattering report on the Gulen Schools last year. They recruit teachers from Turkey and pay them less than promised.


  4. I have a couple more for your list!

    Urban Appalachian Council:
    Polish American Association:


    • Ann Corcoran said

      You are right! Both groups are sucking on the US taxpayer. The Polish ethnic group got $4.5 million from taxpayers in the last year they reported their Form 990 (2012) and they do “immigrant services.”

      I can guess what the Appalachian group does and it too gets about half of all its income (a $500,000 dip into the treasury)from the unsuspecting hardworking taxpayer who might be working two jobs to survive.


  5. Brittius said

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