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Canada: Chinese “ghost” scammers deported

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 13, 2013

The article doesn’t tell us how these Chinese nationals came to be in Canada in the first place, but I’m assuming they were asylum seekers. Here in America the Chinese top the list of asylum-seekers who get across our borders and then ask for protection.   Do you know that Chinese men can be granted asylum in the US just by saying they want to have more than one child (as is the rule in China)?

Chinese “ghost” scammer before Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board. Photo: Arlen Redekop, PNG , The Province

Here is the news from The Province to add to our expanding collection of immigrant scam stories.  With this beautiful multiculturalism we learn something new every day!

All five Chinese nationals accused of taking part in a so-called “blessing scam,” or “ghost scam,” targeting Vancouver seniors were ordered to be deported from Canada this week.

The five deportation orders followed a yearlong police probe, guilty pleas to criminal charges and immigration hearings.

Youjun Huo, 41, appeared in an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing in Vancouver on Thursday.

Huo and four women – Xiao Qiong Lin, Shao Quiong Luo, Jianmei Wu and Ya Jian Yang – were detained at Vancouver airport on July 15 while trying to leave for Hong Kong. Officers with the Canada Border Services Agency found the five were carrying $148,000 in cash, plus a large amount of jewelry.

So what is the ghost scam?

Often referred to as the “ghost scam,” or “blessing scam,” as described by the Vancouver police, the crime involves Cantonesespeaking women targeting elderly Chinese women on the street.

The scammers tell victims they are being followed by a ghost and that one of their children will die unless their money and jewelry is blessed immediately. Once the victims hand over the valuables, the scammers perform a short blessing ritual, during which they steal the goods and replace them with worthless items, police said.

Det. Ivan De Silva of the VPD’s Criminal Intelligence Unit worked on the “ghost-scam” case. He said the crime is particularly heinous because it simultaneously preys on two things: the victims’ beliefs and also their love and desire to protect their families.

3 Responses to “Canada: Chinese “ghost” scammers deported”

  1. tomasrose said

    “Chinese men can be granted asylum in the US just by saying they want to have more than one child”

    How is this the case, when to get asylum, one must prove persecution based on membership in a religion, race, nationality, political group or social group? This is possible only because the naive, gullible and, dare I say, stupid political religious right pushed through a bill which automatically grants membership in a political group to anyone seeking relief from China’s one-child policy. This was a great gift to the snake heads and other people smugglers who use this to advertise to potential migrants. No wonder China is the number one sender of asylum seekers to the U.S..

    Another point is China’s one-child policy is enforced inconsistently, with some educated individuals and those willing to pay a fee, able to legally have more than 1 child. I know many 2-child families from the Chinese mainland.
    That this is a cause for an asylum grant shows how mixed up the whole program really is.


  2. The Chinese are not the only country that is using asylum and illegal situations to fraud our country. google Pregnant Chinese women in Chino Hills, CA paying to stay in expensive homes until they have a their baby. This baby will go back to China as an American Citizen, when the child is 5 years old it will be sent back here for foster care. The foster care homes are set up to take care of these children. The children will be taken care of by Welfare and free education and health insurance. They go home to parents during school break.
    The Mexican people have been using this for years. The Korean churches in Phelan, CA have set up many Foster care homes for these kids and more pregnant women. CA DOES NOTHING ABOUT A BIRTHRIGHT LAW. WITH OBAMA IN OFFICE, THE LAST FIVE YEARS, THE AVERAGE YOUNG ILLEGAL WOMAN WILL HAVE 4 OR 5 KIDS, ALL ON WELFARE!


  3. pungentpeppers said

    The same scam is happening in Asian communities across the U.S. New arrivals from China are using their sneaky skills to steal from older folk:

    Per a report from July of this year, “Detectives say there has been a rash in New York of what’s known as an evil spirit or blessing scam, where older immigrant women, mostly Chinese, are swindled out of their valuables by clever scammers arriving from China who prey on superstition and fear. In the past six months, two dozen victims have reported valuables stolen — in some cases more than $10,000 in cash and $13,000 in jewelry, according to police reports. A total of more than $1.8 million has been stolen.”

    “Similar scams occur in other places in the U.S. with large Asian communities, such as Boston, Seattle, Chicago and in Hawaii. In San Francisco late last year, thieves stole about $2 million in nearly 60 cases.”

    Deportation is not guaranteed. The Chinese government routinely refuses to take back their criminal citizens. When this happens, ICE must release these thugs and crooks back onto our streets. Thus, since we allow Chinese criminals to enter the U.S., we are likely stuck with them for life.

    A Boston Globe story gives examples of cases where dangerous criminals were released back into the community because their own countries would not accept them. These thugs later committed some horrific crimes:


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