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Syrian refugees at Zaatari angry with US/Obama because no military strike on the way

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 13, 2013

No military strike means he doesn’t deserve peace prize (Huh?).

Obama, the Muslim?, at the Nobel Peace Prize signing ceremony in Oslo in 2009.

We have written about the huge Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, Zaatari, on several previous occasions (see especially this post about how the Syrians are described as “difficult” refugees).  Now, thanks again to our research arm—pungentpeppers—here are two stories about how the Syrians are angry at America, which begs the question—why should we bring them here?

The first story entitled, ‘Anti-Americanism Spreads in Syrian Refugee Camps’ is at The Atlantic.  Read it all, but note this exchange near the end:

Such populations may be nurturing a new generation of angry Muslim youths who view the United States, and especially its president, as hypocritical at best, and enablers of Assad’s war crimes at worst.

“Everybody is against the Syrian people,” said a former lieutenant in the Syrian military I met in Zaatari, who defected to the opposition. He was sitting on a cot in a prefab caravan, surrounded by other Syrian men wounded in the war. “We’re giving our blood but for Obama that is not enough.”

Obama is a Muslim?  Who knew!

After cursing the American president in Arabic, he continued, “Obama is ‘Hussein’ – son of Muslims. If he were a Christian he would support us. But he’s a Muslim.” He shakes his head and his eyes tear up. “It’s always Muslims against Muslims.”

In that last line—Muslim v. Muslim—-is the explanation for why the general public in the West is finished with all this—how many times do we have to intervene in squabbles that have gone on for over a thousand years?  And, why do we need to bring the warring sides to our communities in America?

The Atlantic article continued:

Many of the Syrian refugees I spoke to are resentful for two reasons: First, they feel the United States has abandoned them. Why intervene in Libya but not Syria? That suspicion fuels numerous conspiracy theories. Second, they resent how they’ve been treated as refugees.

Libya was a foolish adventure as well thanks to Obama’s three witches!

The second article worth reading is this one in the Telegraph (Barack Obama ‘does not deserve’ his Nobel peace prize say angry Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp).  In his mind, for Obama to deserve his Nobel Peace Prize, a newly arrived “refugee” (aka 22 year old rebel fighter) at Zaatari said this:

Showing an awareness of international policy that belied the destitution of a newly arrived refugee, he called for the Nobel Prize committee to relieve the US president of his 2009 peace prize.

“America has a responsibility to launch strikes to prevent the killing by Assad. Obama has a Nobel Prize but he does not deserve it because he has not responded to so many deaths,” he said.

So as long as Obama launches strikes that will surely kill some—according to this rebel, kill the right people (his Muslim enemies)—he deserves the peace prize.

And, these are the Muslims the West will soon be receiving as refugees?

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  1. I like that ‘three witches’ label for Powers, RIce and Clinton. If the lable fits….


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