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Why Somali refugees shouldn’t join the jihad (unless they have a death wish)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 15, 2013

According to one more report on the topic, “community leaders” are trying to counter the recruitment efforts they believe are still on-going in the “Somali community” in Minneapolis.  Here is the latest on that film we reported here last month.

American-born Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki may now be dead, killed by Al-Shabaab leadership who got sick of him.

This is the news at KAAL.TV.comGive ’em jobs and they won’t go to Africa to kill people!, but the fallacy in that argument is that those who have gone back “home” to join the terrorists were well-educated Somalis with excellent prospects for employment.

Leaders in the Somali community are fighting hard to beat back a ramped up recruitment effort following a sophisticated video. The video depicts men who traveled from Minneapolis to Somalia for jihad and is being used as a recruiting tool.

Community leaders say as many as 40 Somalis have disappeared from Minnesota since 2006. That’s double the estimate reported previously. Many have turned up on battlefields in Somalia.

Headway is being made, though, as community leaders say they are winning over the community and convincing young men to ignore Al Shabaab. However, a high unemployment rate in the Somali community makes the population vulnerable.

As a result, an effort is underway to provide training and job skills to Somalis.

American stuff and American jobs just don’t cut it when Allah calls! 

Just ask Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki (if he is still alive that is!).

I have no interest in re-telling the story of an American-born Muslim (Mom is Christian, Dad is Syrian Muslim) who grew up a normal kid in Alabama and went to Somalia to become a Jihadist.  Here is our complete archive on Hammami.

Rumors of his demise have surfaced several times over previous years, but it looks like he may now be dead for sure—killed by his Al-Shabaab former buddies who aren’t really happy with their recruits from the West.  They turn them into handy suicide bombers!

Read Al-Amriki’s story here at The Star Phoenix. He has been hunted by Al-Shabaab leaders for some time and his fate may have a chilling effect on recruitment in Minneapolis say experts.

For new readers:  We should have made a special category for ‘Somali missing youths’ (former refugees) who went to Africa to join the Jihad.  Since we didn’t, just type those words into our search function and you will probably get at least 100 posts on the topic going back to 2008.

Also, I used to put this (below) information at the bottom of most of my posts on Somalis, but haven’t recently.  I know we have a lot of new readers who probably don’t know the background so here is a place to start:

We have resettled more than 100,000 Somali refugees to cities large and small in the US over the last 25 years (more than 25 now).  See one of the most widely read posts here at RRW.  Large numbers went to Minneapolis, and now they are spreading out throughout the state.  In three years since 9/11 ( Bush years 2004, 2005, 2006) the number of Somalis arriving topped 10,000 per year.  Those refugees then began bringing in the family (chain migration!) until 2008 when shock of shocks! the State Department discovered that as many as 30,000 Somalis had lied about their kinship and weren’t related at all.  The State Department then closed the “family reunification” program for Somalis.  It has recently been re-opened for new and legit family members, but they have no intention of finding and deporting the liars.

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