Obamacare will help mentally ill refugees say California immigrant health advocates

Here are some snips from the story at New America Media (hat tip: Joanne):

….a public health care worker [Mohamed] who helps refugees from African and Middle-Eastern countries says once Obamacare is launched she will no longer have to witness her clients getting bumped off health care benefits eight months after they arrive in the United States, even as they are still trying to navigate the new culture.  [She is referring to the initial health care that comes with each refugee, thanks to the US taxpayer—ed]


The ACA [Affordable Care Act] will require insurers to treat psychiatric illness like any other. It will also remove many of the obstacles to fair treatment, Muñoz said.

Mohamed [Amina Sheik Mohamed], program director at UCSD’s Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, and active in the African and Middle-Eastern refugee communities, said that if refugees can now enroll in Medi-Cal because of its expansion, they need no longer face the short-term health care their refugee status now limits them to.

That aside, Obamacare will allow refugees to access the mental health services they so acutely need, she said.

“Refugees come to the United States with a lot of anxiety and stress,” she pointed out. “They need mental health care.”

Yes they do!  See our ‘health issues’ category (168 previous posts!) for more on refugee mental illness.  For new readers, to learn what other benefits refugees receive in addition to health care, see our Fact Sheet by clicking here.

The photo is from this March 2013 story about Mohamed at KPBS.

5 thoughts on “Obamacare will help mentally ill refugees say California immigrant health advocates

  1. We have mentally ill Military, seniors on the streets that the government has cut off their help, many have families living in their cars, no jobs and can’t get Welfare because the wife has to be pregnant or nursing. No country has ever helped our country with money or medical supplies. The Middle East countries don’t contributate to any kind of medical supplies or new drugs except Israel. Israel has the most advanced burn center in the world. The Middle East would be in bad shape if they don’t get rid of the chemicals and anything that would destroy the food supply. We have given billions of dollars to foreign countries and they use the money for the terrors regeims and guns to kill their own people. Bringing refugees here to CA has caused a lot of problems with gangs, fraud and water supply. Our country gives them a start up for a business and they use food stamps for fraud, the money is sent back to home country. we are talking billions of dollars. The refugees shouldn’t come here unless they have a sponsor and not any kind of governement assistance. The gov keeps them on low paying jobs and they can qualify for Medical and food stamps. This is hurting the college kids, black communities and low income citzens and need jobs, The UN and people running the refugee camps don’t seem to care how many kids these people have and expect the world to take care of them. WHY NOT A BIRTHRIGHT LAW, IF YOU HAVE A BABY IT ISN’T A CITIZENS UNLESS YOU SPEAK ENGLISH AND YOU ARE A CITIZEN. NO WELFARE FOR ILLEGAL AND THEIR BABIES. MAYBE THEY WOULD START USING BIRTH CONTROL.


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