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Sweden: Somali family reunification numbers below expectations

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 1, 2013

One reason—a DNA test requirement to prove they are blood relatives.

Somalis make up the largest immigrant group in Sweden followed by Afghans and Iraqis (according to Scancomark). We will wait and see what Syrian immigration does to the numbers.

Yesterday we told you about Sweden’s exportation of Islamic terrorists (aka Swedish citizens), and we have written extensively about Sweden opening its doors wide to Syrians, but here is an article that almost makes them sound crestfallen because their Somali numbers aren’t materializing as the welcoming Swedes thought they would.

From The Local (emphasis mine):

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) was prepared for 20,000 applications following changes that made it easier for family members to apply for residency in Sweden to be reunited with Somalis who had already migrated to Sweden.

However, so far only 7,430* Somalis have applied after a court ruling that allowed DNA tests to be used to prove family relations, Sveriges Radio (SR) reported.

Authorities plan to adjust forecasts downward to 8,600 as early as this month.

Habane Abdulkadir Hassan of Sweden’s Somali association Somaliska riksförbundet told SR there are likely several reasons for the lower numbers.

Among other things, the high unemployment rate among Somalis in Sweden, a lack of identification documents to confirm Somali nationality**, as well as new hope of a better life in Somalia have all contributed to fewer family reunification residency applications.

Around 70 percent of Somalis who applied for residency in Sweden are expected to have their applications approved, according to SR.

* For some perspective on how large even this number is for tiny Sweden, the US has admitted a very large number of Somalis this fiscal year—-6,679 (as of August 31).  Go here for the stats:  Map Arrivals by Nationality as of 31 Aug 2013

** On this issue of Somali identity, we reported here in 2012 that other Africans (Djiboutians in this case) were flocking to Sweden pretending to be Somalis.

We write about Sweden frequently because it is the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for what happens when a Socialist country allows almost unlimited migration from Muslim countries.   Click here for our whole ‘Sweden’ archive.   One post you should see, if you missed it, is this one on the recent Muslim riots and the public response.

Photo is from a very similar story from February of this year.

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