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Australia: Asylum seekers ask for breast enhancement, botox, etc.

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 6, 2013

Thanks to the many readers who sent this story!

Striving for the Nancy Pelosi look?

From 9News:

Asylum seekers at off-shore detention centres asked doctors for breast enlargements, IVF treatments, Botox and cosmetic dentistry, the director of health services has said.

Dr Ling Yoong, who was director of health on Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island, revealed the odd requests to the Medical Observer this week.

She also said she refused the requests.

“We give [the asylum seekers] the health services they need, we do not give them the services they want,” Dr Yoong said.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison reiterated that “those seeking to come illegally by boat won’t receive such lavish treatments”.

Refugee advocates know that this type of publicity for those they are depicting as poor and destitute, is deadly.

An unnamed refugee advocate told The Australian that such requests were “outrageous” but also an “aberration”.

Choosing a photo was challenging because the before (botox) and after (botox) pictures of Secretary of State John Kerry are pretty amazing.

This is our 115th post in our ‘Australia category.’  Thanks to all of you who visit RRW from Australia, you consistently represent our second highest number of readers after the US.

2 Responses to “Australia: Asylum seekers ask for breast enhancement, botox, etc.”

  1. mig21bison said

    west is committing bloody suicide.


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