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Another boat carrying illegals sank in Mediterranean on Friday

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2013

This one was launched from Egypt.  Note in my previous post, about the other sinking on Friday, that the graphic we found doesn’t even show launches from Egypt.  And, this story, with a death toll of a meager twelve illegal aliens (compared to the two recent sinkings) wouldn’t be post-worthy except for the mention of who the migrants are (or at least the living ones that have been interviewed).

From Reuters at NBC:

Twelve people died when a boat carrying illegal migrants and Syrian refugees sank off Egypt’s northern coast on Friday, security and medical sources said.   [And, if one is Syrian apparently one is not also an illegal migrant—ed]

“The Egyptian coast guards saved 72 Palestinians, 40 Syrians and four Egyptians,” one security source said. The circumstances of the accident and the nationalities of the deceased were not yet known.


We are accustomed to hearing about the Africans and more recently the Syrians trying to get into Europe, but Palestinians!  Are these asylum seekers or invaders?

4 Responses to “Another boat carrying illegals sank in Mediterranean on Friday”

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