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Surprise! Bulgaria finds “threat to national security” in refugee influx

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2013

So is Turkey facilitating the movement of Islamists into Bulgaria?

We told you previously (here) that Bulgaria is having a hell of a problem with mostly Syrian ‘asylum seekers’ flooding into the country from Turkey!

As Bulgarian citizens have suspected, some of the ‘downtrodden’ are likely Islamic terrorists in refugee clothing.

Here is the story at (Sofia news agency).  Emphasis below is mine:

There are four persons among the refugees on Bulgarian territory suspected to be a possible threat to national security, says Interior Minister, Tsvetlin Yovchev.

The Minister explained these individuals are accommodated in secured facilities in awaiting the appropriate procedures for their extradition, already undertaken by the authorities.

Yovchev did not specify their native countries, but noted the well-known fact that the majority of the refugees are from Syria.

He explained that in 2013 Bulgaria has improved the pace of extradition of foreign suspects.


Bulgaria is the gateway to the European Union for refugees fleeing Syria via Turkey, many crossing the border illegally to seek asylum.

Readers, the other day, here, we were reminded by Britain’s Independence Party leader, Gerard Batten, that legitimate refugees are to seek asylum in the first safe country in which they land (it is not supposed to be a shopping expedition for the country of one’s choice!).  So the question is–-is Turkey letting them waltz right through their safe country and exit out the other side?

I hope readers here are not getting weary of all of our posts on Europe recently, but in my mind the Muslim invasion of Europe holds lessons for all of us concerned with the preservation of Western civilization.

Next!  A post on the US and more on how the refugee program is being slowed by the government shutdown.  Update:  Here it is.

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