Rioting in Russia: Not even Russia is immune from ethnic conflict, anti-migrant anger

Police attempt to detain anti-immigrant rioters in Moscow.
Photo: RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov

We post almost daily on one European country or another having problems with migrants, both legal and illegal, but we’ve rarely mentioned Russia.  It seems that Putin too has his hands full with anger toward immigrant masses as we see in this story about recent anti-migrant riots inflamed by the murder of an ethnic Russian in Moscow.   (Hat tip: Judy)

From RT:

Moscow police detained some 380 people during the mass rioting in a southern district of the city. A mixed crowd of nationalists and locals attacked a warehouse run by natives of the Caucasus, blaming a migrant for the fatal stabbing of a local.

Authorities lifted the emergency plan codenamed “Volcano” after midnight, several hours after public order had been restored. The plan, put into effect in the afternoon, involved sending scores of riot police to the scene of the clashes, and placing police officers across the city on high alert.


The violent scenes came after a similar rampage took place at a nearby shopping center, where the rioters had originally gathered. The outraged crowd demanded that the police find the killer of a 25-year-old Russian, who was stabbed to death on Thursday allegedly by a man from the Caucasus or Central Asia.

The locals also lashed at the the authorities, accusing them of covering the wave of migrant crime and the illegal immigration in the area.

Although the ‘M’ word is never mentioned, Muslims make up a large percentage of the population in the Caucasus region and I suspect are a large part of the illegal flow into Moscow.

The lengthy article is well worth reading (lots of photos too).

In case you are wondering, I’ve never heard of Russia accepting refugees.  And, I have no idea how much legal immigration they allow.  I’m guessing not much!

New IRC CEO Miliband makes the news defending Marxist Dad

David Miliband: Maudlin response to criticism of Marxist Dad!

Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who only last month took the reins of one of the largest US refugee resettlement contractors in the US, the International Rescue Committee, took to the media on Friday to defend his Marxist father (“best academic Marxist of his generation!”).

I wonder if this is the sort of publicity they expected out of their new highly-paid (over $400,000 in salary and benefits mostly from the US taxpayer!) front man.  See a couple of previous posts on Miliband here and here.

Here is the brief story at

 David Miliband has expressed hurt over the Daily Mail article which claimed his father “hated Britain”.

Speaking as the row over the article started to die down, the International Rescue Committee president said his Marxist academic father was a loving presence in his childhood.

“It’s hateful when you have your father targeted in that way, traduced in that way,” he said.


“The important thing for me is that he was an ¬incredibly loving dad who meant a huge amount to me and obviously to Ed and to my mum as well. I hope that the right lessons are learned.”

I didn’t care enough to read the original offending article, but surely it didn’t call into question whether the Marxist Dad was loving or not toward his children?   And, I’m wondering, if the Dad were alive, would he be appalled by the fat pay check his son now receives from the masses.  Oh yeh, the World Socialist website has already weighed in on that, here.