First Congolese settle in Lancaster Co. PA

On-going conflicts in DR Congo is the US’s problem now—excuse for tens of thousands of “refugees” to be resettled in America.

This is your typical ‘formulaic’ story about a new refugee arriving in small town America.  I’m posting it here just to remind you that we are expected to take 50,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo over the next few years.

Why?  I don’t know, some fuzzy notion that Belgium and the West messed up West/Central Africa and now we are obligated to take in their people displaced by warring factions.

From Lancaster Online (emphasis is mine):

Terry K. Mulumba decided to leave behind his haunting past.

“Thinking about it would be wrong and would take me down,” he said.

Mulumba, a 22-year-old studying for the math and science portions of the GED test, is one of the first refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to have been resettled in Lancaster County.

Lutheran Refugee Services and Church World Service each expect to resettle 50 more Congolese here in the coming year. To put that into perspective, Lutheran Refugee Services settles an average of 200 refugees of varying nationalities in Lancaster County each year.

Like Mulumba, who came here in 2012, many Congolese are escaping the eastern and southeastern regions of the country because of political and ethnic tensions that were fostered through years of Belgian colonial rule and a Western-backed dictatorship.

Just for your information, Lancaster (the city) at the heart of Amish country, has had refugee overload for some time and so the resettlement agencies are now spreading refugees to surrounding small towns in the county, like this one (Akron, PA) in this story.

For new readers, Lutheran Refugee Services (subcontractor of LIRS) and Church World Service are two of nine US State Department contractors resettling refugees with your tax dollars in the US.  Also, for new readers one of our top (most-clicked on) items here at RRW is our fact sheet, here.

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7 thoughts on “First Congolese settle in Lancaster Co. PA

  1. Given the dilapidated housing that will be available to them, they may come to regret coming. In addition to having to learn English, deal with the black culture of perpetual victimhood and fatherlessness, they will be able to get jobs that may only pay them less than minimum wage and that under the table. The odds are not in their favor. The Russians who came here in a wave of immigration in the early 1990s are literate, with a good number of them holding highly skilled jobs. The second wave gave us more dysfunctional people, but for the last 23 years, the crime, poverty and divorce rate among Russians (Christian Pentecostals) has been pretty low around here. (Lancaster, PA)


  2. The USA should not let these people in. They are economical refugees and in more true terms, they are predators. I am from Belgium and we have lots of these people in our country. Forget the colonial past. They have had plenty of time to get their act together but they don’t. They fight constantly among themselves. Tow years ago they blame the Belgians for their new president. They destroyed stores and business in the center of Brussels. Mostly in the black area of Matonguey. Even their own people said that the Belgians should send them back on the next plane to Kinshasa.
    These people cannot make their country work so they go to other countries to get the material privileges that the country liberals bestow on them. I could tell you a lot more about this but I am so sick and dis guested that I have to stop writing.


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