Norway: authorities concerned as two more Somali refugees give up good life for Jihad

This time it is two Somali girls and they went to Syria to join the Jihad.

Product of Norwegian refugee program—hunting in Nairobi!

Stories like this one in the Washington Post (‘Norway’s Somali community rattled by reports of young members joining jihadist groups’) like to put a spin on the story with a title like that one—the “Somali community” is worried! It is a subtle way to send the message that there are only a few bad apples in the bunch, and leaders of the “Somali community” and the mainstream media want to be sure you understand that (even if you only read the headline).

This piece might well have been titled:  ‘Norwegian intelligence concerned that 30-40 Norwegians have joined Jihad in Syria; could bring terror-training back to Norway.’

Here is AP at the WaPo (emphasis is mine):

OSLO, Norway — Somali immigrants in Norway fear that violent extremism is taking root in the community after reports of young Somali-Norwegians traveling abroad to join jihadist groups.

One of the gunmen in the Nairobi, Kenya, mall attack that killed 67 people last month has been identified as Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, a 23-year-old Norwegian citizen who returned to his native Somalia in 2010.

Norway’s Somali community was still coming to terms with that news when it was struck by another startling development: Two teenage sisters — 16 and 19 — had left their family in Norway to join the civil war in Syria.

“It is very shocking,” said Mohamed Husein Gaas, a Somali-born East Africa expert at the Fafo research foundation in Oslo. “No one thought two young girls would travel to a place where they don’t have any connection.”

It’s not clear how exactly the sisters from suburban Oslo, who have not been named, planned to participate in the Syrian war. But they told their family they wanted to take part in jihad, said Bashe Musse, a Somali community leader and local politician in Oslo.

Norwegian newspaper VG said they flew to Turkey and made their way to the Syrian border, without telling their family until they had left Norway.

There’s Turkey again!—is the Erdogan government facilitating the movement of Islamists through Turkey?  See Bulgaria here a few days ago.

Then this:

…..the vast majority of Somalis in Norway don’t support violent extremism. About 30,000 people in Norway were either born in Somalia or have Somali parents. The wealthy Nordic country is one of the most popular destinations for Somali immigrants in Europe along with Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The Syria conflict has attracted hundreds of foreign fighters from European countries, many of whom have joined Islamic militant groups. An estimated 30 to 40 people — and possibly more — have left from Norway alone, according to the domestic intelligence service PST. Security officials are concerned that they could pose terror threats once they return home combat-hardened and traumatized by war.

Are we raising Muslim armies?

We’ve often noted that Somalis/other refugees come to the West and we raise the kids (with your tax dollars), grow them into healthy and educated adults who then have no interest in the Western “good life.”  Had we left them in their own hellholes in Africa and the Middle East they may well have never survived to become Jihadists!

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