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Archive for November, 2013

Saudis give the heave-ho to tens of thousands of African migrants

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 30, 2013

This time, they are mostly Ethiopians who were in RICH Saudi Arabia looking for work.

Loading them up! UN doesn’t say boo! about racist Saudis! November 13, 2013 (AFP/File, Fayez Nureldine)

In my alerts this morning I see lots of stories about the UN blasting Bulgaria for not being welcoming toward the Syrians, or the UN telling the Burmese Buddhists to be nice to alien Rohingya, or the UN lecturing the EU to open its borders, but funny how there is complete silence from the UN when it comes to Saudi Arabia!   I think I hear that sound!

Here is the news from SA (Gateway Pundit has it too, hat tip: Ed):

Ethiopia has flown home over 50,000 citizens in Saudi Arabia after a crackdown against illegal immigrants in the oil-rich state, the foreign ministry said Wednesday.

“We projected the initial number to be 10,000 but it is increasing,” foreign ministry spokesman Dina Mufti told AFP, adding that the final total once the mass airlift ends is now expected to be around 80,000.

Ethiopia started repatriating citizens living illegally in Saudi Arabia after a seven-month amnesty period to formalize their status expired on November 4, sparking violent protests between Saudi police and Ethiopian migrants preparing to leave the country.


Reports of mistreatment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia has sparked outrage in Ethiopia.

So much for that Muslim charity the UN was crowing about here in 2009.

Why is it o.k. for Saudi Arabia to tighten its borders, deport illegal migrants and preserve its economy and national character, but not o.k. when the US, Australia or other western countries do it?  I would like George Soros to give us the answer!

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Sentencing to be set aside in Somali Christmas tree bomber case

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2013

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, then 19, is shown after his arrest on Nov. 26, 2010, in Portland, Ore. Mohamud was convicted of planning to detonate a bomb during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony…..

Just when I thought I could take a break from Somali posts today,* here comes news from a few days ago (hat tip: Judy) that due to questions about the legality of NSA spying on private communications, the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the 2010 Portland Oregon Christmas tree convicted bomber, could go into a legal black hole.

Mohamud, whose family came here as refugees, had hoped to blow up the tree and the families there for the tree-lighting ceremony.

From NPR:

The sentencing of a Somali-American man convicted of trying to bomb a holiday tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore., in 2010 has been put on hold indefinitely. That move comes just days after the Justice Department notified his lawyers that part of the case against him had been “derived from” secret NSA electronic surveillance.

Both sides met Tuesday in the chambers of U.S. District Judge Garr King to discuss next steps. The judge later issued a public order delaying the sentencing of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, which had been scheduled to take place Dec. 18.

“If sentencing remains appropriate, the court will reset the sentencing hearing,” after it rules on motions from federal public defenders Stephen R. Sady and Lisa Hay, the judge’s order said.

The move could foreshadow months or even years of legal wrangling, if the case becomes a vehicle to challenge the constitutionality of once-secret NSA monitoring of overseas email and social media accounts.

Wasn’t this just the sort of Islamic terror case we should be unraveling with NSA surveillance?

Photo and portion of caption is also from NPR.

Here is our archive of the Christmas tree bomber case.

*Actually I do have more Somali posts, so to readers who have sent them, I am going to get to them!

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Sweden: Somali refugee rapes woman till she dies

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2013

This dreadful story is all over my alerts this morning.  The awful original story is in Swedish.  Since I wasn’t completely sure of this translation (below) at the Council of Conservative Citizens, I checked Fjordman’s tweets to see if the story is real and I see he tweeted it yesterday.

Sweden here we come!

Here is what the Council of Conservative Citizens says, and included is a film interview about the rape statistics in Sweden and Norway (be sure to watch it):

A 34 year old immigrant from Somalia was arrested for savagely attacking a woman in the parking garage of a Sheraton hotel in Sweden. The woman died while being raped. Police say the perpetrator continued to rape the woman’s corpse well after she had died.

The Somalian was apprehended by police while still in the act of raping the murdered woman.

Source (In Swedish)

Sweden and Norway are in the middle of a massive epidemic of violent rapes. Crime statistics show that rapes in both countries are overwhelmingly perpetrated by Muslim immigrants.

2013 figures were given in a recent report by Swedish Public Radio. In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.

Humorous (sort of!) photo is from Bare Naked Islam about Somali migration to Sweden.

We have an extensive archive on “welcoming” Sweden, click here.   Our top post of 2013They are fighting back in Sweden—is worth re-reading.

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Ah the challenges! Getting Somalis to sign up for MNsure

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2013

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, symbols for MNsure. Immigrants want to know who the heck they are!

MNsure, of course, is Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange.   They are looking for the young, healthy, legal immigrants to make it work.  The part I don’t get is, how is it going to help premiums for all if the immigrant is unemployed and will likely just be pushed onto Medicaid?

Here is the news from Minnesota Public Radio about how to get tens of thousands of Somalis signed up:

The Somali 24 Mall and mosque in Minneapolis is a serpentine maze of stalls, where merchants selling sandals, cell phones, prayer rugs and pots try to lure the throngs of shoppers.

Most days you won’t find health insurance among the wares. But that’s what Asli Ashkir was trying to sell recently — in Somali and English.

Ashkir isn’t an insurance agent. She leads Somali Health Solutions,* an organization designed to introduce people to MNsure, the state’s new online health insurance marketplace.

Minnesota is home to at least 83,000 uninsured immigrants who may be eligible for health coverage through the state’s new insurance marketplace. But convincing them to use the new exchange is proving to be a communications challenge.

“The government will be at your side…..”

Ashkir’s organization has crafted a decidedly Somali outreach plan that includes telephone and in-person assistance in Somali. On her visit to the mall, Ashkir enlisted the imam in the mall’s mosque to talk about the program during the midday prayer.

“Whatever the Imam says is highly respected,” she said. “He is the leader in the religion.”

Setting up shop at the mall also was strategic. On Fridays, when few Somalis work, the shopping center attracts young, uninsured men — a demographic that’s critical to the economics of the exchange.   [They would have to be employed men with a decent salary to make it work! Right?—ed]

Hassan Abdi of Minneapolis followed the imam’s advice and stopped by. Abdi, who is unemployed, dropped his health insurance earlier this year because it cost too much and covered too little. He had not heard of MNsure and wanted to know the cost.

“Sometimes, it’s difficult to get the insurance that covers all of your needs,” he said.

Price is a chief concern among the people she’s talked to about MNsure, Ashkir said.

“But there’s help available from the federal as well as the state, that’s what we keep telling them,” Askir said. “You will be supported if you don’t make enough. The government will be at your side to help you. Then, they like that.”

About the photo:  Minnesota Public Radio says that symbols chosen for MNsure’s logo are unfamiliar to most immigrants.  No kidding!

*By the way, I tried to find some financials for Somali Health Solutions, but could not.  I couldn’t even figure out in my cursory search if they are a non-profit organization.

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As winter approaches, Berlin police try to break up refugee camp

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2013

The source for this story from earlier in the week is Revolution Now, so consider that as you read this news from Germany where “refugee” protestors have lived on the street for a year.

Around the world! This is what they are all agitating for! No borders!

Interesting that Revolution Now says the Green Party district mayor believes the longstanding camp demonstration is being fueled by ‘Leftwingers’ using the refugees as pawns.  Emphasis is mine:

The refugeee protest camp at the Oranienplatz in Berlin is under immediate threat of eviction. Earlier tonight German police tried to evict the camp but activists succeeded in defending the camp. After the police operation there was an unauthorized spontanious demonstration which was attacked by police forces.

In the earyl evening hours police tried to evict the refugee protest camp at the Oranienplatz, a square in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood in Berlin. In the  afternoon district mayo Miss Herrmann of the Green party declared the end of the tolerance of the camp and asked the police to evict the square. Because of a fast and massive mobilisation activists managed to prevent the eviction tonight.

City officials have found space to house 80 inside (out of the cold).  They aren’t throwing them out into some German forest!  The protestors basically are demanding the right to live in Germany freely.

District mayor Herrmann was in the camp in the afternoon and spoke with refugees and their supporters. She was informed about the fact that the building where refugees could stay if they would leave the camp has a capacity of 80 people so at least 30 refugees had to return to the camp.because there was no place for them in the building. Furthermore there were refugees who made clear from the beginning of the negotiations about an alternative place to stay for the refugees that they will not even consider to leave the protest camp as long as their demands are not met. They demand an end of the so called “Residenzpflicht” which restricts their freedom of movement, an end to their placement in isolated camps and a stop of all deportations. Although Miss Herrmann knew that a big group of refugees had to and/or wanted to stay at the Oranienplatz she ordered the police operation.

Hermann: Radicals exploiting legitimate refugees!

Refugees stated tonight: “Since the negotiations started we valued the limited access to an alternative place as an attempt to divide us.” From the beginning of the talks responsible authorities were informed by refugees that leaving the camp is not an option for many people at Oranienplatz. Miss Herrmann reacted that the struggle of the refugees was being directed by leftwing radicals and that the refugees were exploited by them. With this kind of reaction she denies the ability of the refugees to act politically for themselves in a self-determined way. She is also participating in a media campaign to delegitimize the refugee protests. This media campaign aims to divide people in “good” refugees who will accept an alternative place for the winter and repress people who want to change the system and who are fighting for equal rights for all people and who are protesting at the Oranienplatz for mor than a year now.

There is more, with photos.

For all of our posts on the problems Germany is having with refugees and asylum seekers, see our Germany archive here.

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Soros organization: Somalis happy in Helsinki!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 27, 2013

George Soros Open Society Foundations has produced a report (one of many) from which they conclude for the media that everything is hunky-dory for Somalis in Helsinki.  The Somalis might(?) be happy, but some of the native Finns aren’t!

You know this is how people like Soros operate, they do studies and make conclusions for the media and the media laps it up.  And, by doing such media spin they can shame other cities/countries that aren’t so “welcoming” into doing Soros’ bidding—open their borders   If you go to the study, here, it doesn’t look like everything is copacetic with the growing Somali population of Helsinki.

Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen: Immigrant population growth is key to Helsinki survival (Soros tells us so!).

Here is the happy news from Finnbay (emphasis is mine):

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 25 November 2013. According to the latest report published by the Open Society Foundations, Somalis in Helsinki enjoy a good life in Helsinki due to numerous policy initiations from the Helsinki City.

Somalis in Helsinki is part of a seven city research series, Somalis in European Cities, which examines the realities of people from Somali backgrounds in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malmo, Leicester, London, and Oslo. In Helsinki, the research was conducted by the Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki.

From Buffalo to Helsinki they are all falling for this economic benefit argument that uneducated, unemployable, impoverished third-worlders are going to bring an economic boom to a city.

“Immigrant Population growth is the key to Helsinki and the entire population of the metropolitan area. The City of Helsinki wants to be a model city with its work on anti-discrimination, so we must have zero tolerance for any sorts of discrimination against the Somali community and others, “said Mayor of Helsinki Jussi Pajunen.

The report highlights the experiences of Somalis living in Helsinki, focusing on five areas of local policy and the broader themes of identity, belonging and interaction. Through qualitative research methods, including interviews with key stakeholders at the city and national level and focus group discussions with Somali residents, conducted from the beginning of December 2012 through to the end of February 2013.

“Education and employment are the core of things for Somilis to enjoy living in Helsinki in order for them to participate as an active and equal group of our society. Much good work has already been done in integration, but the report highlights areas where room for improvement,” says Nazia Hussain , the Open Society Foundations, the Foundation Project Manager.

Although Somalis’ absolute numbers have always been small, the arrival of  Somali asylum seekers in the early 1990s was a significant event; it has been referred to as the “Somali shock”, Finland’s first experience accepting large groups of refugees.

The report suggests that Somalis living in Helsinki are satisfied with the city’s housing policies and services to promote the diversification of the structure of the population and to reduce their socio-economic one-sided.

Somali participants in the study felt that they are subjected to strong prejudices from other cities and attitudes that undermine the inclusion of experience in the wider society, even in your own community cohesion, the feeling is strong in some places.

We have several posts in our archives on Somalis in Finland and none involve happy Somalis or happy Finns.

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Convenience store scam of another sort

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 26, 2013

Diversity is beautiful alert!  Middle eastern immigrants accused of ripping-off Hispanic immigrant who had won a $1 million dollar lottery ticket!

For new readers, this doesn’t have anything to do with food stamp fraud or refugees, but since we post on convenience store criminals who happen to be immigrants, this one is worth a mention.

The Dad, Nabil Jaghab

And, I am assuming the perps here are from the Arab world somewhere, but stories like this one rarely ever mention the nationalities of the alleged crooks.

From the New York Daily News:

Nabil Jaghab, 57, the owner of Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Nassau County, and his son, Karim, 26, have been charged with second-degree grand larceny after allegedly telling a customer with limited English that he only won $1,000 from his lottery ticket.

This deli sure is a ripoff.

Nassau County police say a deli owner and his son tried to scam a customer out of his $1 million lottery ticket by telling him he was owed only $1,000.

Nabil Jaghab, 57, the owner of Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Hempstead, and his son, Karim Jaghab, 26, were arraigned Saturday on charges of second-degree grand larceny.

Cops said a 34-year-old Spanish-speaker with limited English bought the $10 “Unwrap the Cash” scratch-off lottery ticket Thursday at the convenience store.

The son, Karim Jaghab

Instead of following protocol and directing the man to a State Lottery office to claim his prize, Karim allegedly told him the ticket was worth $1,000 and gave him the “winnings” straight out of the register.

On Friday the victim, suspecting he’d been ripped off on his scratch-off win, returned to the deli and began to press Karim about how much he’d won, according to police.

There is more, read it all and watch the clip.  I wonder if the Hispanic winner is here legally?

Guess these crooks hadn’t heard about fellow New Yorkers, a Palestinian father and son, who tried to pull off a similar theft of a lottery ticket, but who have just earlier this fall been found guilty.  We reported that case here.

For would-be bloggers, I’m telling you that writing a blog devoted to convenience stores owned by immigrants and the multitude of frauds they perpetrate would be a very fun undertaking.  You would have new material every day!   See our complete archive on food stamp fraud by clicking here.

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In wake of typhoon, push is on for Temporary Protected Status for Filipinos

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 25, 2013

Problem is, once granted the “temporary” right to live, work, get a drivers license legally in America they don’t go home!  About a hundred thousand illegal Salvadorans make that point daily—they’ve been here since 2001 under TPS status and whatever natural disaster gave them the right to stay has long since been forgotten.

Two peas in a pod! Senators McCain and Rubio want any legal or illegal Filipinos in US to get to stay!

Usually granted for 18 months, TPS designation is just extended and extended as we saw here recently with Somali TPS.

If this lobbying push is successful anyone from the Philippines in the US legally (on a limited visa of some sort) or illegally can apply to stay under TPS and then when/if Congress passes so-called ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ they will get to stay forever!

From Global Nation (emphasis mine):

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for undocumented Filipinos picked up bipartisan congressional support, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) urged the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to grant the status.

Currently allowed under immigration laws for countries impacted by a natural disaster resulting in a “substantial, but temporary, disruption of living conditions,” TPS will provide temporary immigration relief to undocumented Filipino immigrants currently residing in the US.

In a letter to DHS Acting Secretary Rand Beers, NaFFAA national chair Eduardo Navarra wrote that “this benefit will alleviate their fears of deportation to a devastated country and allow them to work and stay in the US temporarily. With this authorization, Filipino nationals can continue providing material and financial support to the homeland, especially at a time when they are in dire need of help.”

J.T. Mallonga, NaFFAA national vice chair and president of the Filipino American Legal and Defense Fund (FALDEF), explains that there are precedents where the US administration acted on similar requests.

“Following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti two years ago, the US designated TPS to Haitian nationals, allowing them to continue living and working in the country for 18 months,” Mallonga said. “The same should be done to Filipinos, and it must be done soon.”

Other nationals from countries devastated by natural disasters, such as Honduras, Sudan and El Salvador, have also been granted TPS before.   [And, they are all still here! because even if TPS does expire, no one deports them!—ed]

Obama can designate TPS without Congress, but some Senators and Members of Congress are on board with the proposal.

With members of Congress weighing in on the issue, Navarra has conveyed his thanks to a bipartisan group of US Senators and US Representatives who have endorsed the call for TPS.

“Although congressional approval is not required, their strong message of support is very encouraging,” Navarra said. “We hope more members of Congress will do the same.”

In a Nov. 19 letter signed by 20 US Senators, the signatories assert that “providing TPS is critical to humanitarian relief efforts as it both protects individuals who would be endangered by returning to their country of origin and it allows the home country more time to recover before accepting returnees.”

Among those signing the letter are Senators Harry Reid, John McCain, Robert Menendez, Marco Rubio, Mazie K. Hirono, Richard Durbin, Orrin Hatch, Barbara Boxer, Tim Kaine, and Patrick Leahy. On the House side, 30 US Representatives called on DHS to “exercise its authority to designate the Philippines” for TPS, considering the “daunting rescue and restoration efforts” facing the country. The signatories include Representatives Edward Royce, Zoe Lofgren, Trent Franks. Robert Scott, Xavier Becerra, Judy Chu, Peter King, Colleen Hanabusa, Tammy Duckworth, and Michael Honda.

The next time you hear someone say, ‘I’m o.k. with legal immigration, it’s illegal I have a problem with,’ remind them that Refugee Resettlement, the Diversity Visa Lottery and Temporary Protected Status are all legal programs!

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Austria: Mostly Muslim asylum-seekers demand right to live in Austria

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 25, 2013

“Asylum-seekers” camp in Vienna church

Or, at least be given the opportunity to move on to another European country to try for asylum if rejected by Austria.

Here is the story from Press-TV (hat tip: Joanne).  Be sure to watch the film clip accompanying this short story.  Will this one day be happening on the streets of American cities?

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna was founded a year ago, when a group of Somali refugees demonstrated outside Aussie parliament for weeks. For their one-year anniversary, the group organized a protest outside a refugee camp in Traiskirchen, south of Vienna. The movement is against refugee and deportation policies of the European Union and Austria. There are around 52,000 refugees living in Austria and 22,000 asylum-seekers in the country are waiting for authorities to decide their future.

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna is demanding legal residency status for refugees in Austria. They are also asking for those who are refused asylum to have their fingerprints removed from the government’s database, so they can apply for asylum in other European countries.

The EU law dictates that migrants must have their claims processed in the country where they first arrive. If their application is rejected, they risk being deported to their country of origin.

At the protest we met Syed Muhammed Mustafa, a refugee from Pakistan, who has spent some time in the Traiskirchen camp.

Most asylum-seekers from Pakistan get rejected in Austria without their case being reviewed individually. This is unlike other EU Member States.

Recently the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, announced a programme involving 17 countries to receive refugees from Syria. Austria is one of them and is set to accept up to 500 refugees from Syria and neighbouring countries in 2014. However the measure has been criticised by campaigners as insufficient for the growing needs of refugees.

We have written previously about “refugees” in Austria (click here).

It is time to read about Al-Hijra the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, if you haven’t done so already.  The invaders want into those Gates of Vienna from which they were turned back centuries ago.

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Bowling Green, KY: it is all about what the refugees need!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 24, 2013

When your city has become a preferred resettlement site for refugees from the third world, eventually you will get to this point—needing workshops on “cultural understanding” and how “service providers” can do a better job supplying taxpayer-funded services to the city’s new impoverished people.

From the Bowling Green Daily News yesterday  (hat tip Robin):

Mental health providers and other community members learned more about area refugees’ needs in a forum Friday hosted by Community Action of Southern Kentucky.

Refugees in Bowling Green sometimes don’t have easy access to services and resources they need, said Asti Offutt, mental health coordinator for the refugee service program at Community Action of Southern Kentucky.

“Because of the language barrier they are often ostracized or isolated in the community,” she said.

More than 100 people participated in the event throughout the day, which included two sessions – one for community partners and one for mental health providers, Offutt said.

Such a turnout indicates the need and desire for service providers to know more about refugee resettlement, she said.

Offutt said she wants to put together more programs, such as workshops to focus on cultural understanding of some of Bowling Green’s biggest refugee groups.

The program Friday was titled “Contextualizing the Refugee Experience: A Community Forum on the Resilience and Needs of Refugees in Bowling Green.”

Check out the community organizers at Community Action of Southern Kentucky—you are funding them!  Out of an income of $15.7 million in their latest Form 990, government grants (you!) supplied them with $15.3 million.

Bowling Green, Bowling Green, where have we heard that before?  Oh yeh!  Here, on ABC’s Nightline about how Iraqi refugee terrorists found their way to Kentucky!

For more on Bowling Green, we have a lengthy archive here.

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