US ‘asylum’ seekers find shackles!


Here is the photo that accompanies an opinion piece at the once respectable Christian Science Monitor.  Have a look at the “asylum seeker” and her family—see any shackles?  Looks to me like Ms. Garcia from Honduras (did I miss a war in that country?) has a lovely modern kitchen (granite counter tops!).  Both sons look well-fed.  One son is obviously using a ‘smartphone’ of some sort.  A toy truck on the floor would indicate that the kids have stuff.  Shackles?

Here is a portion of the caption from the Christian Science Monitor:
Angela Garcia fled DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in HONDURAS to seek asylum in the United States

I searched the article looking for some factual information about shackles and didn’t see a thing.  And, let’s remember that a large percentage of “asylum seekers” in the US are simply released to relatives until their case is reviewed.  They should count their lucky stars they didn’t try to get into Australia!

I want to remind readers that asylum (when first included in the Refugee Act of 1980) was meant for the odd political dissident (like a Russian ballet dancer wishing to defect), not the 29,500 this op-ed says we granted asylum to in 2012.  It was never intended to allow tens of thousands to enter the US for flimsy reasons like hubby abused his wife.

The article is one more pitch for Congress to advance the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that is languishing and that Obama has to resurrect now to cover his Obamacare roll-out catastrophe.

P.S. Once asylum is granted, Ms. Garcia will be eligible for all of our welfare programs just like any other refugee. Obamacare/Medicare too!  See our fact sheet, here.

4 thoughts on “US ‘asylum’ seekers find shackles!

  1. the article quotes 29,500 successful asylum seekers – a huge number. That is not counting the children (such as those pictured). Including all the asylum seeker following-to-join individuals brings the total number to nearly 45,000. at one time in the 80’s it was expected to be less than 5,000 pe year,


  2. After putting my oldest daughter through Bard College and my second daughter through Framingham State (she is now in post Grad $$$) and my son through MIT – I think I feel the cold, metal shackles around me as I head – at warp speed – to “retirement”.


  3. As soon as she is settled here, she will help her husband come here, illegally or asylum. What is our government doing about the fraud in food stamps, I did read that one guy got 3 years of jail time. Why are they still here, why not deport them, Three years for millions of dollars of fraud is like a slap on the hand. Citizens would get more time in jail. No more refugees or illegals! Every illegal woman in my area are either pregnant and 3 small kids already, they are on Welfare and waiting for the new housing for Welfare people. OBAMA HAS TO GO! BETWEEN OBAMACARE AND AMNESTY WE ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY A DICTATOR.


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